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Dealing With The Memories That Come With Moving

Saying goodbye to the memories of your house

It may be the first house you bought, your family home or the place where your first baby was born. It could be where you went through a difficult divorce, lost a parent, or made the best of friends. Saying goodbye to the memories of your house can often be one of the hardest things. It’s facing up to the passages of time. Some people say it’s just bricks and mortar. But maybe it’s where your husband lifted you over the threshold. Or perhaps you carved out your children’s heights on a solitary wall. Maybe you cried, maybe you laughed, and maybe you overcame some big obstacles while you lived between these walls.

These floors bear the footsteps of your children and your friends. These walls have heard arguments and love. This kitchen almost burnt down but still lived to see the day. This garden received so much love and attention. Maybe your dreams were made here. Maybe they were broken. Yes, it is just bricks and mortar. But these bricks, they heard it all. How do you say goodbye, if you’re emotionally attached to your house?

Letting Go

A fun way of letting go is to get all house members to pose for a cute photo in front of your house. It’s a memory you can keep and a tradition you could carry on. The adventurers in you could hide a time capsule box under the floorboards. We’ve all seen the movies, right? It's a great way to put your own historical stamp on the property. Imagine someone finding it in decades to come!  
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Addressing memories in storage

Packing up your house can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally. It’s easy to become distracted by surging waves of nostalgia. Try and be strong. Maybe you are moving to downsize. If so, you need to be ruthless about throwing and donating old things. Perhaps you are expanding your family and moving to a bigger house, with more rooms, a backyard and a garage. Guess what; you still need to be ruthless! Do you want to carry the baggage from your old house to a bright new place? I know plenty of people who regret taking a whole heap of stuff with them to a new house, only to leave it in garage storage for years to come. Get rid of it now!  I wrote a post recently about how you can make the most of your garage space. It might inspire you to purge the junk now! A nice idea is to take photos of the things you know you can’t keep. That could be a favourite tree in the garden, your child’s old swing or a beautiful view from the window. You can create a memory book of the house to pass down through the family.
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Packing boxes and the final farewell

Once you have chosen everything you are keeping, pack smart. Try and calculate how many boxes you will need before you start packing. People always underestimate. Bubble wrap and old newspaper are your new best friends. Pack up one room at a time. Pack the heaviest items in the smallest boxes they will fit into. Label everything! Sometimes it’s better to rent your own Moving truck as a more affordable option. This also means you can be in charge of moving all your valuable possessions. It’s worth checking your home insurance to see if damage or breakages are covered throughout the moving process. Label a box of essential items you will need as soon as you move in. You may not unpack everything that first night and you’ll want access to the necessities. Also, make a box for all the important documents in your life. These include things such as birth certificates, old photos and passports. Better to be organised now, that panicking later.

On moving day, you can leave a letter to the new owners as a final way of saying goodbye. Perhaps tell them what you loved about the house. Leave a bottle of wine so they can toast the new memories they will be making there. And remember, you’re moving forward to make some amazing ones too.

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