Monday, July 4, 2016

What’s The Difference Between Travelling For Leisure & Travelling For Work?

If you’ve always dreamed of a job that will let you travel and finally have one, you’re most probably over the moon. Whether you’ve landed a role at a new company that includes lots of travel or have just launched your own business, it doesn’t matter. All that’s important is that you’re able to do a lot of travelling and get out there and see the world.

While having a career that allows you to travel is a dream come true. Getting to grips with travelling here, there and everywhere, can be stressful. Travelling for work can be just as enjoyable as travelling for leisure. However, it’s important to understand that travelling for work comes with a whole different set of factors to consider.

You’re not on holiday, you’re working, and it’s important to realize that. Of course, if you’ve got some spare time you can get out and see the sights. But you need to remember that you’re primarily abroad for work, not for soaking up the sun or exploring. Want to know what the differences are (and what you should do differently) when travelling for work instead of leisure? Keep reading for everything that you need to know.

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Planning becomes even more important

When you’re travelling for business, planning becomes even more important. This is because if you miss your flight or get declined entry into the country, you won’t just miss a day by the pool but an important business meeting. This means you need to ensure that you’re aware of everything that needs doing to be able to enter a country successfully. Such as, applying for a visa or another document that will ensure you can enter the country. Don’t forget to leave plenty of time, for things this like this. As some forms, such as applications for Canadian eTA, can take a few weeks to be processed and approved.

You can’t fly at all hours

Okay, so technically you can fly at whatever time you want. But unless you want to turn up to your business meetings half asleep, it’s best to opt for flights during the day. This does, of course, add to the price, but if you want to make a good impression, it’s worth it. There’s nothing worse than arriving for a business meeting exhausted because you were on a plane all night. So if you want to ensure that you make a good impression and don’t nod off while talking to a client, it’s best to fly during the day.

Opt for a hotel that offers business rooms

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Lots of hotels, from five-star ones to budget motels, offer business rooms. If you’re going to be working while you’re there, opting for a business room is your best bet. This is because this will ensure that you have a desk to work at, and will also mean that the room should have internet access. A good hotel that offers business services should also offer a breakfast to go. So that should you need to leave early for a meeting you can still get some food and a coffee.

You won’t have as much time to explore

When you visit a new place, naturally you want to explore it. However, when you’re travelling on business, you won’t have as much time to do that. Your work should always come first while on a business trip, as that’s what you’re there for. Seeing the sights, partying, and lounging around by the pool can wait until you’re on vacation.

So there you have it, the differences in travelling for work instead of leisure.

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