Sunday, July 17, 2016

Crooked Teeth Hidden In Filter (OOTD)

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Ha-ha-ha! I actually hesitated to post this on FB because upon zooming in on my face I noticed my crooked teeth LOL. I just had to post it on IG because I love how I could finally fit in above the knee shorts with tucked in blouse hehehe. Turns out the HEFE filter on IG was able to hide my dental flaws weeee! I'm still hanging on to my diet regimen and increased physical activity and not compromising my health, fingers crossed on that! The work to increase my red blood cells has not been evaluated yet. I am munching iron rich foods to combat my Anemia. Dizziness is something I want to completely free myself from. Until I get to normal hemoglobin level I think I will not be able to do more strenuous physical activity. After all, I am not just making myself look great but embracing good health for long life. Mmmmm I will go to the dentist soon, promise!

~wearing unlabeled blouse and shorts 

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