Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Staying Fit And Healthy Even If You Work At A Desk


If you spend your days working at a desk, getting fit may seem pretty elusive! Of course, if you are working in an active job that has you up on your feet all day, this helps with health and fitness levels. But what about if your job requires a lot of sitting down?
Well, you can still improve various different areas of health and fitness from right where you are.
From strengthening your pelvic floor, to toning up your legs, to making sure your diet is healthy, read on for a handful of ways you can get fit at your desk.

Healthy Snacks
When you are sat at a desk all day and get hungry, it can be very easy to snack on things you shouldn’t. Instead of filling up on crisps and chocolate, keep healthier alternatives at hand. Bring fresh fruit into the office every day; bananas are great for this! Berries like strawberries and cherries are also great to snack on. In your desk drawer, keep your favourite nuts. They last for ages and are a great source of energy.

If you work alongside other people, you might find yourself saying ‘yes’ to offers of coffee or tea more than you should. One or two a day is okay, but any more can have a negative effect on your body. Instead, keep a water dispenser on your desk. This means you don’t have any excuse for not drinking healthy during the day. If you don’t want water, replace it with sparkling water, or add a hint of interest with some chopped up fruit! A bit of fruit juice each day is also good for you, but not too much! It is very high in sugar, and sugar is the enemy to your insides, teeth, skin and more!


Pelvic Exercises
Do you have bladder leakage currently, or do you feel like it could become a problem for you in later life? Well, pelvic exercises are the key. The best bit? These can be done sitting down, and no one will be any the wiser! Working these muscles three times a day, for five minutes at a time, can make a huge difference. If you need even more help, continue when you get home and use a kegel trainer. The bonus? It also increases feelings of pleasure and enhances sensation during bedroom activities!



Of course, we don’t mean you can go for a bike ride at your desk! But there are small machines that you can keep tucked under your desk, to keep your legs working at work! They are sometimes called pedal exercisers. When choosing one, spend a little extra on one with a non-slip coating. This will mean you can you exercises no matter what shoes you’re wearing, or if you’re barefoot. Get even more use out of it by taking it home on the weekends and using it while reading or watching TV! The exercise you will get this way will be ‘passive’, but you can make it more active by putting the train on top of the desk and leaning back to use it.

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  1. All these are great ways to keep healthy and contribute to staying in shape whilst working behind a desk. I would only add one more option and that is that you should stand up for ten minutes every hour. Being all folded up in a seated position messes with your blood pressure over time. To keep a healthy blood pressure you need to straighten up and move every hour...


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