Saturday, June 4, 2016

10 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer And Look Fabulous

The whole summer is stretching out before us. It’s not too hot yet, and we still have time to perfect our summer wardrobe before the heat hits. Follow our tips and tricks to keep cool and look fabulous.

1. Hot Showers

In the summer months, it’s tempting to cool down with a cold shower. However, your body will react by increasing your temperature to compensate. Before you leave the house each morning, take a hot shower. Your body will naturally cool down in response.

2. Loose and Flowing

Invest in some loose and flowing garments. Maxi dresses are great. They don’t cling and stick to the body. Therefore, they don’t make us feel hot and sweaty. If your wardrobe is a looking a little scarce, stock up on loose, summer tops and dresses. You can save money with Target coupons and other special offers.

3. Light Accessories

Accessories are always good. They can transform any outfit with the minimum of effort. But heavy accessories add extra layers and can make you hot and sticky. Keep them to a minimum. Don’t wear anything that makes your clothing cling. Keep everything loose and flowing to allow the air to circulate.

4. Natural Fibers

Choose natural fibers like cotton over polyester and man-made fabrics. Natural materials allow the air to move and will help you feel cooler. They also absorb sweat more easily, which will feel more comfortable.

5. Avoid Backpacks And Heavy Shoulder Bags

Backpacks and heavy shoulder bags immediately add more layers. They will make your clothing cling to your body. So when you arrive, you’ll be a hot, sticky mess. The lighter the bag, the better. And try and carry it away from your body.

6. Cover Up

Stay safe and avoid the sun’s harmful rays. Opt for loose, long sleeved garments, rather than tight strappy tops and dresses. Protect your skin from potential sun damage.

Keep a wide-brimmed hat with you and a light blouse or cardigan. You can always use them to protect your skin if the sun becomes too hot.

7. Keep Makeup Light

Too much makeup can make you sweat. Keep things light during the summer months. Opt for a nude, natural look. Keep a water spritzer for when you feel hot. As well as cooling you down it will also help to seal your makeup.

8. Wear Socks
Socks absorb sweat. Try to wear them with shoes as much as possible. Without them, your feet will feel sweaty and will slip and slide in your footwear. This, in turn, will make them feel hotter.

9. Wear Your Hair Up

If you wear your long hair down, it can make your neck feel hot and clammy. Tie it back into a ponytail or bun to keep the back of your neck cool.

10. Wear Light Colors

Dark colors absorb the heat. Lighter colors reflect it. Keep cool this summer by wearing lighter colors. It’s surprising what an effect this has.

Have we missed anything? What tricks do you use to keep you feeling cool and comfortable when the mercury rises?

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