Thursday, July 14, 2016

Meet My New Travel Buddy

Remember Rosebeth? Our old Honda Civic which we let go of almost two years ago? She re-taught me how to drive. She was grey as you can see in the photo and yep she too was old by age so we had to sell her because someone else had good use of her and the hubby and I needed a larger vehicle so we got ourselves an SUV.

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So then, came Albert. He's black with manual transmission though I once failed to save him from a flood LOL. Insurance covered the repair and he was restored. I still haven't written my full review of Ford Everest 2015 and now Ford Everest 2016 units are being sold of different variants already! We checked the specs of the one at the store and I was impressed with the new features including the leather seats and the rear car seat maneuvers to provide larger space for luggage. That is a different story though.

Last gosh I can't remember the day , okay so the other day, we came home with my new travel buddy...

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Jarrraannnn- meet Chris-Red. It's categorized as an urban SUV. What made me and the hubby choose him is that it has a higher body. As I've mentioned earlier our side of the world is prone to flooding so that is a special consideration. The hubby will be using the Everest while I'll be driving easily with this automatic transmission Ford Eco-Sport. Why red? We were actually eyeing for a blue one unfortunately yet fortunately blue was not available so I had to choose from either black, silver or red. Hubby said no to black since Albert was already black and I didn't like the seemingly ordinariness of silver. Red sounded great! Feminine I mean. I must admit I wanted it to be bright red as it is yay! So, I thank God for all the blessings bestowed on us and promise to work my way to goodness everyday.

~Full review to follow not sure if I'd have time  LOL.

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