Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday- OOTD

I had two goals yesterday.

1. To survive an interview get out of the room alive, no passing out between questions.

2. To drive for two hours straight without panic attacks and any bit of scratch on the car.

I don't have a lot of decent clothes to choose from in my closet and I grabbed a long-sleeved striped polo to give me the look I needed. You know, the nerdy, reliable, respectable effect LOL.

Obviously a collage of the many nerdy angles of yours truly...

Oh I am so loving Google + and its auto photo effects and the fact that it is synced with my phone and easy to upload when I log in on blogger with my lap tap. -blogger blab please don't mind LOL.
So got what I meant about the nerdy thingy? LOL I also chose a long-sleeved attire so I could shield myself from the expected chilly atmosphere inside offices. I earlier planned to bring my black blazer to keep me warm in case I started shaking due to extreme temperature and nervousness LOL but decided I could look OA LOL. Pardon my generation X words please because this is the only place now where I think I could be not too serious soon. I am anticipating major life changes that could make me age prematurely, so help me God.

So after the meeting/interview I headed to my next agenda for the day- TO DRIVE!!! and nothing could have stopped me LOL.

Me and the Honda Civic hand-me down car from the hubby

I drove for two-hours to the hubby's workplace and back yay! I enjoyed the traffic jams along the way would you believe that? Shifting from low to high gears, cha cha cha with the break pedal and accelerator actually relieved me of stress LOL. Mmmm don't ask about my passengers and my driving instructor, I think they had a hell of a day wahahahaha.

For lunch I treated them at S. O. U. L. Cafe to make up for their trauma LOL. If you are a regular reader of The Letters In November you might recall my post on  S. O. U. L. Cafe but in case you missed it you might wanna click here later for more about this quaint resto. 

Grilled Honey-glazed Porkchop 
Pork chop marinated in honey-lemon marinade, pan-grilled in butter and olive oil topped with pineapple slice and served with rice and available soup of the day.
 S.O. U. L. Cafe's version of Crepe Suzette served with your choice of fillings

Luscious Strawberries 

There was a Bible Scripture dug with a toothpick over the crepe and it was exactly what I needed to read and apply in my present life challenge it said-

Come to  me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest

Matthew 11:28
I'll hold you in suspense about my burden for now. Just know that your friend here is okay, just a bit overwhelmed about life's latest challenges. 

There you go, a fashion, inspirational and foodie post! 

I leave you with a scenery from our countryside. Have a great start of the year and may you all be blessed with true love and peace in your hearts.

redgirl tops
icandy eyewear and skechers for my driving shoes

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  1. Great job. It's been a long time since I got the chance to visit your blog. Keep it up.

  2. I miss the ootd, give me a ride when I visit next time, okay?


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