Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Healthy Lifestyle: S.O.U.L. Cafe (Spice of Urban Life)

"So, I am a disturbance to you eh?"- I told the hubby when he grumbled about me suddenly popping into his office while he was in the middle of something. He replied- "Not a disturbance dear but a distraction!" with all smiles and that deceiving smile that enchants me most.

That conversation brought me to a quaint resto yesterday. I came from the university to secure some papers I needed for floating my thesis questionnaire. All thanks to my decision to surprise the hubby I finally got to see the cafe I've been hearing about for sometime now and found it as awesome us I heard. Join us!

I didn't realize what an artsy place I was about to enter until the hubby pushed open those doors for me. I found myself marveling at the oh so refreshing ambiance of S.O.U.L. Cafe. It felt like being transported into a totally different world after coming from the hustle bustle of the city.

 I just love the colorful walls and chairs and their friendly crew. We were lucky the place was all ours to enjoy for several minutes!

 We could not make up our minds at first which table to occupy and as I was finally settling myself in one of those crafty green chairs the hubby announced he'd rather rest on the sofa beside the stairs.

The homey, relaxing atmosphere was overpowering! Look who went to dreamland in an instant! :D As always when I see a place for the first time I am drawn to take pictures first before ordering. Come explore the cafe virtually with me! Pardon the quality of the shots because I merely used my ever reliable smartphone.

The fancy design of their floor near the entrance is hard to miss! It makes me smile thinking of the sun's beaming welcoming face on a beautiful summer day.

I think this is what lulled the hubby to sleep in a flash aside from the comfort of the sofa- the sound of water flowing from this artificial falls. I could also hear the tweet tweet chirping of birds yet I could not figure out where the sound was coming from.

Adjacent to the artificial falls was this condiments carrier reminiscent of old wooden carriages.

There is no corner of the cafe which isn't put to use and this area below the staircase looks like the business book-keeping zone.

Now let's go up the mezzanine!

 The staircase is quite steep so I recommend taking off your shoes especially when they are high-heeled when getting to the mezzanine. After all this is what's waiting for you up there...

...cuddly throw pillows and mats for straightening up those tired legs; interesting reads on the shelves and the view of pristine mountains...you wouldn't need your shoes there, just your calm self breathing in and breathing out soaking in the peacefulness that emanates from the view.

I could have stayed there longer had I not felt the grumbling of my stomach smelling the aroma from below.

And so the ordering began...

Now what to order?
Since I am on a fresh food and low carbohydrate diet it was easy to pick from the menu...

The Chef's salad got my attention in a flash! It's a refreshing mix of fresh greens drizzled with crab sticks with almond nuts with a choice of either garlic or vinegrette dip. I was tempted to order something sweet and cold like their fire on ice but managed to stop the craving.

The hubby on the other hand totally indulged and requested for his all time favorite- pancit palabok!

 ...this was a totally tasty version the hubby swears :)

looks like somebody with the name "Kulasa" envied her hubby's farm ham sandwich that came with a food for the soul- a note that said...

"Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man, do not associate with one easily angered, or you may learn his ways and get yourself ensnared."  Proverbs 22:24-25
I read it out loud to the hubby who sometimes fails to keep his temper with the toxic nature of his work. I said maybe he should crumple the note and eat it! We had a good laugh!

Now that was me allowing myself to let all the food sink inside while you could see the hubby's head bobbing out on the lower left side corner satiated and sleepy again!

Care to join me take a peek at the garden al fresco dining area while we waited for our bill?

The oh so green plants and fresh air makes one feel rejuvenated and ready for another journey. The hubby and I got an idea of turning our backyard into something akin to this where we could entertain our family and friends. We still got other priorities so that will have to wait until we have the time and more importantly the ample budget.

I freshened up before we left and what do you know? I found myself taking selfie shots in the ladies' room simply because the sight of trees and the plants inside were simply irresistible.

 The next time we visit I would love to try out their three new menus!

  • Soul Cafe Steak Breakfast
  • Soul Cafe Rib Eye Teppan
  • Soul Cafe Salad Tropique
 and their various gourmet coffee, pasta pastries and more using only the freshest ingredients....

My weekday short dates with the hubby never fails to make our relationship not only smooth sailing but always sweet oh amidst all the toxicity of our jobs. I wish all the married couples out there get the time to go out and explore together too....

So, if you're heading North of the country you might want to drop by our new discovery-

S.O.U.L. Cafe (Spice of Urban Life) where you'll get the feel of home, away from home...

"do check out our restaurants label for more of our foodie adventures"

Have a Blessed Weekend dears...

This isn't a paid post, just another satisfied customer's honest opinion

S.O.U.L. Cafe is located in Rosario, La Union...just a little after the bridge joining the provinces of Pangasinan and La Union if you're coming from Manila.....
........for further inquiries you could contact them at tel. nos. (072)712-0852, 0919-9285345


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  1. very nice, zen. did you guys finish your food? -cherie

  2. Just looking at that yummy food makes me hungry. Guess it's time to have some breakfast!

  3. hahahahahaha, naughty you! crumple and eat it! lokaret ever! hahahahaha! drooling with the palabok and salad. the mention of steak will make M have a happy dance. sarap mag-date no, can't wait for our turn. :D
    a great cafe find worth sharing!


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