Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5 Essential Steps to Keep Intruders out of Your Garden

Anyone who has ever had their gardens or sheds broken into will understand the sense of violation and anger towards the perpetrator. A theft can undermine the sense of security in your own home and cause sleepless nights as every little noise arouses suspicion. It can be very costly when your property is stolen, or damaged, and often involves reporting the crime to the police and acquiring a crime number. The number is then used for an insurance claim that may well affect the future premiums. Even a cash payout from the insurance company does little to reassure that we are safe at home.

As much as we would like to set up a trip wire connected to a hand grenade, it isn’t viable yet. The intruder seems to have more rights than we do when it comes to defending our property. The same goes for electrified gate handles or sharp spikes that could swiftly land you in front of a magistrate. We will take a look, in this article, at some ways you can safely deter burglars that don’t involve the use of expensive technology.

Secure Your Border

The first measure to securing your garden should be to erect solid, high quality garden fencing. Go for the best you can afford. Cheap fencing means that it will need replacing sooner. Use concrete posts and gravel boards where possible for a fence that will withstand the weather over time. The idea of a good fence is not to make your garden impenetrable, it is just to let the intruder know that there are softer targets a few doors up. Coating the top of your fence with some kind of sticky substance will stop them in their tracks even if they decide to climb over. There are products online that are specifically designed for the job.

Guard Dog

It may seem a bit extreme to buy a dog and train it up to guard your home. But, for those who have fallen victim to burglars often, it is a viable option. A barking dog that sounds vicious is a sure way to move an intruder along.
There are training schools that specifically work with guard dogs. It is a very expensive process so you may like to train the dog yourself. There will need to be plenty of warning signs put up to protect yourself legally.
Guard dogs don’t have to be naturally vicious and can become a loved member of the family.

Good Locks

Your garden gate and sheds should be locked in such a way that it will take thieves time to gain access. If the locks are good, the thief will also make a noise that will alert someone. Good locks are expensive but last a lifetime. Buy the best you can afford.

PIR Lights

PIR (passive infra-red) lights are available in all DIY shops and are excellent value for money. They are easy to install and are great as general garden lighting as well as being set to operate when detecting a body moving in the harden. Some also come complete with a chime that simply plugs in, in the house; that will alert you when the PIR has detected something. This can give you false alarms, however, if there are cats in your neighbourhood.


If there is an area that affords easier access to an intruder, try planting thorn bushes of some variety. It isn’t nice to land in one of those in the dark after jumping a fence. This deterrent also stands a chance of tearing off a piece of clothing or even getting a blood sample for evidence.

I hope you have found some ideas here that you can put into place in your own garden. The thief will move along if your property presents difficulties that other properties nearby don’t. There is no absolute solution; we can only do our best as the law stands at the moment.

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