Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Where Should I Go On Honeymoon in Australasia?

Honeymoons are an important part of the beginning of married life. After all the stress of planning a wedding, it’s great to be able to get away. And what better excuse will you ever have to take the Vacation of a lifetime!  An emotional occasion such as your big day can take a  lot of out of you, so what better way is there to recharge your batteries. Going somewhere away from the routines of everyday life with your new spouse is a fantastic way to start you marriage in style, that’s for sure. Plus, it’s so romantic. Imagine walking along deserted beaches, hand in hand. Even if you’ve been together years and years, it’s a good way to reboot the romance in your relationship. You’ve just pledged your lives to each other, so you should make them as much fun as you can! It’s all about making memories.

So where should you go on honeymoon? It really is up to you. Of course, your budget will play a big part on your final destination. But other than that small detail, you can use your imagination and find something you’ll both love. Even if it’s not what most people would consider a traditional honeymoon, who cares? After all, it’s all about you and your new spouse. And that’s why you should decide for yourselves. Sure take advice from others experiences, but ultimately the decision is for you both.

Here are some of the best places for an awesome honeymoon in the Southern Hemisphere

Auckland, New Zealand

Why not head to Auckland if you want to have a bit of everything on your honeymoon? Whether you want city life or deserted beaches, all are within easy reach of the cosmopolitan city. Hop on a ferry to Devonport on the north shore, where there are lots of quaint bars and restaurants that give it a really village-style feel. It’s hard to believe it’s just a 12-minute ride away from downtown Auckland, that’s for sure. You could be a whole word away!

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a beautiful place and a well-kept secret amongst travellers in the know. IT might not be the most obvious of places to go, but it’s jam-packed with everything you could want for a harmonious honeymoon. Check out Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama. The attraction tells the story of Mutiny on the Bounty and boasts some spectacular sea views. It’s well presented and very informative, so make sure you pay it is a visit. There is some great value, fabulous Norfolk Island accommodation, where you can stay in style.

The Barossa Valley, Australia.

Australia is incredibly diverse. There are so many different terrains and territories make for a mixed bag, but wherever you go, there are lots to do and see. Why not try The Barossa Valley if you are a foodie at heart. The wine producing region has a rich cultural history stretching back over 160 years. There are many fine restaurants in the area, and you can witness for yourself the winemaking process in action. There are tours where you can find out more about the gorgeous grape. You’ll get to sample a few of the wines too, so try and avoid driving if you can!

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