Friday, April 8, 2016

Tips For Building A Perfect Holiday Retreat

Creating your own holiday retreat is an amazing project. Just think of all the adventures you could have from your very own hideaway out in the wilderness.
Getting that build right, however, is essential. It's a delicate balancing act to get right. On the one hand, you want somewhere that's well off the beaten track and secure. But on the other you don't want your holidays to turn into survival missions.
That's why I've put together some of the best tips for building your very own holiday retreat.
Choose The Right Location

This might go without saying but think carefully about what it is you want from your holidays in the future. Are you one of those people who just wants to go out on adventures? Or would you rather spend time visiting beautiful gardens and bucolic villages? It all goes into informing the ideal location for a holiday retreat. Some people will, therefore, want a retreat that's a little closer to civilisation than others. They'll need a place that can access a city and affords them some creature comforts.
Others, however, will just want a base from which to explore the wilderness and embark on an adventure.
Choose The Right Materials
Getting the right materials for your build is essential. If your retreat is going to be a place where you can recover after a long day out, it needs to be waterproof and warm. Specialist materials, like those at, are needed for this purpose. Invest in heavy-duty home staining, chinking and caulking to ensure you stay dry.
Build In A Flat Area
Building a home on the side of the mountain might sound like a fun idea. After all, think of the views! But in reality, building on the slope is not easy to do. And that pushes up the price.
Think About What Utilities You'll Need
When you're building a home out in the wild, there might not be any mains supply. Often there are no telephone or electricity access points nearby.
That means you've got a couple of options. Either generate your own electricity or do without and rely on older forms of fuel. It all depends on what level of luxury you expect from a holiday retreat. And whether you're happy lighting candles in the evening.
You may have found the ideal location for your build, but it's no good if there isn't any access. Roads cost an enormous amount of money to build and maintain, so it's always better if your planned retreat sits next to a road.
Building a retreat that doesn't have access to a road is tough to do. The material often has to be lugged for miles on foot, which is exhausting and takes a lot of time.
Often properties that don't have access to a road have bargain basement prices. But don't be fooled. These low prices come at a substantial cost according to sites like You may end up having to spend far more money on building site access than if you'd just gone for an accessible lot with a higher price tag.

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