Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Whew, Playing Wonderwoman, Still

 I just came home from a trip to a city up North. Yep, work-related as always. I am not complaining that all my trips for the past months are due to something that needs to be done for a pay LOL. Sigh, I think I still manage to look like a lady because the emcee this morning referred to me as Miss Earth during our training graduation HAHA.

Maybe it's because though far away from home I was able to sleep soundly. I wonder whether that happened literally. I hope not otherwise that would mean my two roommates had one hell of a night LOL.

Anyway, I am back home and ready to hit the BED again. I'll let you in on a review of the hotel we stayed in next post. Promise!- these days I seem to be breaking a lot of promises blogwise "wink"...

Have a blessed Tuesday one and all!

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