Friday, March 18, 2016

My Baby Roel and Our Endearment Tale

It's one of our rare photos where the baby is smiling widely too. You know the trick? It's actually anatomical- you know, me poking his armpit while someone clicks the cam LOL. He says if I were a boy I'd know why he hates having his picture taken.

There's another thing he is not comfortable with and that is me calling him a BABY. This afternoon when his older brother came home I asked them both a huge favor and that is to allow this mom to call them baby even just at home. I promised it'll be exclusively at home and the seventeen year old said it's perfectly okay with him. The younger one smiled and my heart danced with joy! Now I can say baby baby baby!!! That's what they will always be to me- my lovable, cutie babies! My dream is for them to grow to be responsible, God-fearing and loving men, no more, no less.

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