Monday, March 14, 2016

Instant Ways to Feel 100% Better

There can be lots of reasons that we’re experiencing a sort of “slump”. It might be an emotional slump. It could be physical, personal or a professional slump. But it’s never fun to feel like we’ve lost motivation or can’t seem to excited about anything. Spring and Summer are fast approaching which makes now the perfect time to give yourself a boost. You want to feel fresh and fabulous for all those longer, warmer days with friends and family. After eliminating any serious causes for feeling low, the most likely reasons are stress and exhaustion.While it may not be practical to vastly decrease our workload or family commitments, there are several things we can do to feel 100% better.

Stop Procrastinating

Sometimes we can feel down and in a rut that we’ve created ourselves. Procrastination is the enemy of happiness and positivity. It makes us feel weak, powerless and uses more mental energy that you might think. Genuine procrastination is knowing very well that something needs to be done and deliberately avoiding it. We might come up with reasons or distractions that prevent us from acting. It’s usually because the task we are avoiding overwhelms us or scares us in some way, or maybe doesn’t even seem particularly important. But if it continues to prey on our mind then it’s a good indication that it requires some attention. Face it head on. Arrange the catch up that you’ve been putting off. Sign up for that marathon and deal with the training later! Taking practical steps towards a goal or ticking something off a list can give us a huge sense of accomplishment. We feel confident, motivated, and like we’ve taken control. Never underestimate the power of taking action. Often, even doing one small thing can have a domino effect. We can get more done than we ever thought possible, if we just take that initial step.

Be Honest About What’s Worrying You

It can be tempting to hide from issues and situations that genuinely worry us. But being honest about them is the first step towards solving them. You can’t accomplish anything constructive if you won’t even accept that something needs to be done. Whether with yourself, others, or both, be honest. If you have a genuine financial problem or worry, for example, get help. If you’re experiencing worrying symptoms, speak to a doctor. If a problem is embarrassing or frightening to us, we are even less likely to speak about it. But this can have serious consequences. Something that was originally nothing can rapidly turn into something. Sexual health is a very under-discussed topic that worries countless couples and individuals. If you’re experiencing problems, see a professional or investigate STD test options near you, for example. Try not to focus on the problem itself but imagine the sense of relief and accomplishment you’ll feel when it’s dealt with.

Make More Time For Yourself

It can be tempting to cram in social activities or family fun whenever we have a free moment. If our job is stressful or time-consuming it can become even worse. But the truth is, where possible, time to yourself can be very meaningful and important. Even if it means simply running a hot bath or taking a short walk, clearing our head and being comfortable alone can be very valuable. We often find that by taking this time, we return with a more positive and constructive attitude. Taking time for yourself can directly benefit the time you spend with others!

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