Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Essential Winter Home Improvements

Anyone who lives in an old house will know how much maintenance it takes to keep it running. My family moved into a property last year that needed a lot of work, and we relocated during the winter which made things worse. Today, I wanted to let you know about the jobs we performed to get the house up to scratch and ready for the cold months. Lots of readers are probably in the same position. So, the information on this page might come in handy if you need to perform renovation work before Christmas. The last thing you want is for the kids to feel cold when they’re opening their presents.

  • Fixing the roof

The heat of the summer often places a lot of strain on our roofs. Beams can alter in size and shape that causes serious issues. We called a roof repair specialist one the first day we moved into our property. They sent experts who replaced tiles, wooden beams, and insulation. In an instant, it was possible to notice the difference their work made. The home was much warmer, and we knew we wouldn’t have to spend as much on heating. If you do nothing else this year, make sure your roof is in decent condition.

  • Adding triple glazing

When we noticed how much warmer a fixed roof made our home, I started looking for other ways of creating the same results. It became obvious that installing triple glazed windows made sense. The manufacturers of those products claim they can reduce heating bills by around 10% over the first twelve months. So, the money we paid for the windows was soon back in our accounts. Double glazing is better than nothing, but an extra pane of glass can produce much better results.

  • Installing a new fireplace

I wanted to make sure last Christmas was as magical as possible for my kids. So, I decided that installing a new fireplace was the best option on the table. There’s no need to spend a fortune, but you tend to get that for which you pay. We invested around $2,000 to ensure our new fireplace looked amazing in the lounge. The kids could hang their Christmas stockings, and we had a way of heating the room without using radiators. There are lots of different fireplaces available, so you don’t have to opt for the traditional product. We chose one powered by coal because we think they offer the best value for money. You might think otherwise.

As you can see, the home improvements we made didn’t have too much to do with aesthetics. That’s because we didn’t have much cash left after purchasing the property. Some readers might want to go a step further and renovate their entire home. Just remember you’ve only got a few sleeps left before the big day, and so you’ll need to act fast. Tradesmen tend to be very busy at this time of the year, and they often charge a little more. However, there’s no need to worry about any of that if you’re a DIY buff. Me? I can think of nothing worse than performing work of that nature without professional assistance.

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