Thursday, December 3, 2015

How To Save Money When Kitting Out Your New Home

Moving house can be incredibly stressful - especially if it's your first! Fear not. Here are some awesome money saving tips for kitting out your new home on a budget.

Discount Codes

There’s nothing handier than a 20% off code when fitting out your home with all the appliances it needs. Whether it's a washing machine or vacuum, sites like Sears have you covered! share a ton of promo codes for their site. It’s worth checking out to make sure you get your home fully kitted out on a budget. Ultimately, this means more cash left in your pocket to spend on decorating and other fun stuff!  

Hit The Sales

Maybe you missed Black Friday? Or perhaps you didn’t fancy trampling your way to a new television? Don’t worry, the Boxing Day and January sales are right around the corner. You can save hundreds on furniture. Particularly sofas and carpets, which are always discounted heavily.  Make sure you take a proper look at those flyers coming through your letterbox. You never know what you might find, there’s often a good deal to be had!

Housewarming Presents

The best bit about moving house is that friends and family will often treat you to a housewarming present. Throw a big party to introduce everybody to your new home in style. Clearing up the mess in the morning will be well worth the money you’ve saved on all the gear your nearest and dearest will have bought you! It’s worth writing a list to make sure that family know what appliances you really need. Nobody wants to be stuck with three toasters, for example!

Charity Shops

Struggling to afford furniture? Charity shops are an excellent way to combat your financial woes. They offer some excellent furnishings for incredibly low prices. What’s junk to somebody else might be exactly what you were looking for. So, these are definitely worth a shot. You could end up saving a ton when kitting out your new home.

Garage Sales

Like charity shops, garage sales are great for finding gear that might be perfect for you and mean next-to-nothing to someone else. There are some amazing bargains to be had! If anything, they’re a great reason to get up on a Saturday morning and have a browse to see what you might like for your new home.


Doing the labour yourself is going to save a lot of cash. Tradesmen are really expensive! Putting together a load of flat-pack furniture isn’t rocket science either. So be sure to tackle everything you can! Painting walls and tiling floors yourself is another great money saver and isn’t too tricky either. The more you can do yourself without bringing somebody in is best for saving yourself as much as possible.

Saving money is essential to getting your new home kitted out just the way you want it to be - so make sure your follow these vital steps! Soon, you’ll have the home you’ve always dreamed of and money to spare.

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