Monday, October 26, 2015

Painful Health Issues And How To Treat Them

Pain is a fact of life. Whether it’s due to an injury, an emotional issue or a life condition it’s something that we all have to face and deal with. In a way, I suppose it’s a huge part of what makes us human. If we didn’t feel pain, that would mean no consequences to decisions and choices. It would certainly affect our morality. But let's ignore the philosophical issues.  Sometimes we feel pain without understanding or knowing the cause. Because of this we don’t get the treatment we need. These are just some examples of this type of situation.


Unless you have it, you may never have heard of Fibromyalgia. It’s a rather peculiar condition that until recently wasn’t even believed to exist. Fibromyalgia is the name given to a condition that causes severe chronic pain in the limbs of the body and the back. It can be a nightmare to live with this condition for two reasons. The first reason is that there is no known cure for this condition and the second, there is no known cause. However, that said, there are treatments the can lessen the pain. Physical therapy has been shown to be very effective in some cases, and many people find relief through water treatments. Fibromyalgia affects a known five million people in the United States alone. If you experience chronic pain to the point of agony, you could be suffering from this condition.

Varicose Veins

The symptoms of varicose veins are far less abstract than those of Fibromyalgia. Firstly, the condition has apparent physical traits. Varicose veins resemble swollen lumps across the body such as the arms and legs. They are often black or dark blue in colour. There are a number of different causes for this condition. These include a lack of exercise or movement to an unhealthy diet. They are particularly common in the elderly and can be incredibly painful. Unlike Fibromyalgia, there is a solution to this condition. Vein Screening’s Varicose treatment, in particular, is very effective. If you are suffering from this condition, you should seek advice and medical help as soon as possible.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can be singled out from this list because it is the only condition that is always caused by the sufferer. It occurs after strenuous physical exercise and should not be underestimated. After physically straining endurance activities, you might not be able to move your limbs. You may also experience severe pain. However, this can be avoided if you do not overstrain during exercise and stretch properly. Muscle pain is often confused with hernias. Unlike muscle, pain hernias do need medical treatment. Contrary to popular belief hernias can not always be seen. That is why if pain after exercise lasts for more than a few days you should visit the doctor.

Finally remember, there are two cases where you should seek medical assistance for pain. The first is if your pain is occurring on a regular basis. The second is if the pain is sharp as a knife and incredibly severe. Both signs point to serious medical issues and need to be checked out.

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