Monday, October 26, 2015

3 Reasons To Watch "GOOSEBUMBPS" of Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Last Sunday was a "mandatory" movie date with my boys LOL. As teen-age peeps they are still hooked to watching the latest on widescreen. We live in the woods so they literally get all that nature has to offer every waking morning so on weekends, I feel guilty not allowing them to enjoy what modern life has to offer so off we went to the mall and agreed to all view Goosebumps. When I first had a glimpse of the official movie poster I quipped "ah, might just be another boring, trashy flick" but then my older son said it stars "Jack Black" and I was like "Oh, let's view it!" So here goes my recommendation....

1. For the Goosebumps!

In the movie you'll be having happy goosebumps and heart jumps and tear falls as well. Our three year old nephew handled the scares with giggles and a bit of shrieks so I'd say it's safe and enjoyable for all ages! Be prepared to scream and virtually run LOL!

2. For the Life Lessons

This is the one that matters most. I love it that the movie embraces family values and caring. I was with my boys and knowing their young hearts are already in love at this stage in their precious lives makes me thankful for stories that portray the real meaning of TRUE LOVE. I wouldn't want them to have a heartbreak ever but when that unfortunately happens, I hope second hand experiences they get from stories like this will somehow help. I cried, a bit yeah! then laughed hard in the end.

3. For the Ultimate Bonding

In the car we were discussing what to do in case the movie is Rated 16 because my younger son is 13. The thirteen year old suggested he'd disguise as sixteen which made us all laugh because he acts like seven and would surely fail to convince the movie house guard LOL. Turns out Goosebumps is okay to view for all ages and as for any FEEL GOOD movie the entire FAMILY will have a blast. Good relationships are highlighted and that makes me give my two thumbs up!

Happy viewing!

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