Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Top Tips For Getting The Best Night Of Sleep You Ever Had

Don’t you just hate it when you haven’t slept well? You can barely peel yourself off the pillow! Eyes feel heavy all day long, and you might even struggle to concentrate. I know when I’m really tired I can get pretty grumpy, so beware everyone around me! But losing one night of sleep isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Struggling to sleep well every night can affect your whole life.

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Tiredness not only makes us grumpy, but it causes us to make mistakes. Make those mistakes behind the wheel of a car and the results could be catastrophic. To make sure you are waking up refreshed and energized, you need to have enough quality sleep. Those of us with kids know that there are plenty of disruptions during the night. Even if the kids don’t get up, you’ve always got your ear listening out for every little noise.

Exercise and diet can affect your quality of sleep. Eat well from healthy choices, and exercise moderately every day. Try not to do either too close to bedtime though.

Good sleep starts with good sleep hygiene. That is just a fancy term for having a bedtime routine. Start with preparing your bedroom. You need a comfortable bed. Don’t scrimp on a bed. You need a good quality one. If you feel your mattress is too firm, why not try an adjustable dual chamber air bed? It means you can get the comfort just right for you. And when you want it a little softer you can adjust it that way.

Next, get the light, noise levels, and temperature down. The room needs to be cool, dark and quiet to be a good space for sleeping. Keep the clutter out of the room, and remove any distractions like TVs, smartphones, and mirrors. Now you are ready to start your bedtime routine.

Run a hot bath. This helps to relax all your muscles and gives you enough time to wind down from the hustle and bustle of the day. As you step out of the bath, your body starts to cool rapidly. This initiates changes in your body and mind that help it to know it’s time to sleep. And you should certainly be feeling sleepy by this point.

When you have completed all your bedtime routine, like brushing your teeth and putting on your pajamas, it’s time to lay down. Get comfortable and start to feel your breath slowing and becoming more shallow. Close your eyes gently and let go of the day. You should be able to fall asleep within just a few minutes.

Staying asleep can be tricky for some. Aches and pains in the body are one of the leading causes of disrupted sleep. Snoring and sleep apnea is another reason for not sleeping well. If any of these things is affecting your energy levels in the morning, then it is time to speak to your doctor for some help.

A busy mind can prevent you switching off and going to sleep too. Journaling and Yoga are thought to be very helpful to quiet the mind at night. Eventually, you might be able to try some meditations. It’s best to avoid sleeping pills if you can. Sleep well.

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