Monday, September 28, 2015

What Are My Options For Burning More Fat?

Lots of you know I’m passionate about eating right. Of course, I’m also passionate about life’s little indulgences, aka cake. I’m pretty sure my efforts to eat right have helped me retain a good figure. But like everyone else, there are areas of my body I’m a little self-conscious about. Some people have asked me what choices there are to burn fat in particular areas of the body, so I’ve checked some of them out.

The first option is to eat right. If you eat too much fat, then you will have fatty deposits in your body. We all need healthy fats for our bodies to work well, but the bad fats are worth avoiding. These are called saturated fats and can be found in packets of chips, cakes (aww), and cheeses. Some superfoods are thought to help with fat burning. Caffeine is included in the group, but there may be unwelcome side effects.

The second option is to take on more cardiovascular exercises. This includes running, brisk walking, Zumba and aerobics. The idea is to raise your heart rate so you are burning more calories. Once you have burned off what you have eaten, it is thought that you will burn off fat stores. Of course, you can’t guarantee what fat goes first, and you may just be dehydrating rather than fat burning. Drink plenty.

Another option is to build up more muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat though so don’t be surprised if you gain a little weight at first. It is thought that more lean muscle on your body can increase your metabolism. This means you could be burning off fat and still maintain good energy levels. Toned muscle looks better than flabby bits too!

Some schools of thought suggest that you are more likely to burn fat if you keep your activity levels up through the day. Something as gentle as walking or stretching can burn off calories and fat better than an uphill run. But you would have to keep the gentle activity up for a prolonged period of time for it to be effective for rapid fat loss.

If you’re wondering how to lose belly fat you might be thinking about sit-ups or fat-free diets. But stress could be a factor too. If you lead quite a stressful life, you may be prone to store fat more than other people. Practice controlling your stress in healthy ways. Breathing techniques and meditations can be very helpful. Activities like swimming or Yoga can help you feel calmer too.

Sleep is another winner when it comes to sculpting our bodies. The body does a lot of digesting while we’re sleeping. It also does a lot to help you heal and restore after exercises like muscle building. Best of all it gets those stress hormones under control. Try for quality sleep every night, followed by a healthy breakfast to kick start the metabolism.

Fat burning is one of those buzz terms we’re all using to describe body sculpting. It’s not always possible to pick which fat stores go first. Lead a healthy life and enjoy the body you have.

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