Thursday, August 27, 2015

Get a Load of My Awesome Home Improvements


As someone who owns your own property, you have carte blanche to do whatever you want. And you need to make the most of this. There are so many things you can do both in and around the home that will enhance it. It’s important that you’re proud of where you live, and that it looks as wonderful as possible.
But, as my partner and I found, it’s also helpful to think about the future. Presumably at some point you’re going to want to sell your home. So you need to think about doing changes that will make the property more appealing to buyers. And at the same time you’ve got to do things that will add value to the home.  Check out my awesome home improvements and try to use them where you can.

We felt that our garden was missing something, but we couldn’t put a finger on what. And then it hit us - no decking! Think about how useful, versatile and awesome decking is. We made a decision to put some decking up in the back garden; luckily we had plenty of space! I’ve got to say, having decking up has totally transformed our garden. It’s become a much more sociable area now thanks to having the decking up. And we now have a base of operations for the barbeques we enjoy so much.
Solar Power
Like many of our friends, me and my partner like to embrace a greener way of life. And we have found one of the best ways to do this is to go for solar power. We looked into getting solar panels installed on our home and went for some on the roof. The great thing about solar panels is they make your home much more eco-friendly. You’ll have an energy efficient way of powering the property. We chose some lovely panels that were well designed and looked classy. And we managed to add some value to the home as a result.
Open Fire
You know what I love? Additions to the home that add some class and elegance. The thing is it’s difficult to get this sort of thing exactly right these days. So, the way to achieve this as best you can it to get an open fire installed. Think about those long winter nights where you can curl up in front of the fire with a glass of wine. A fire looks amazing and adds a certain class to your property. Not to mention the fact that it’s a highly efficient way of cutting down on your heating bills.
Wooden Floors
We had a look at the flooring situation in our home and decided to make changes. What many people don’t realise is that the floors are the most used area of any home. Because of this they are prone to wear and tear. So you need to have the right material. We had a lot of carpet put down in the home. And though I liked the look of it, it proved a nightmare to maintain. So, we made a decision to change the flooring and get wooden floors installed throughout. And now the home looks much more trendy and modern. And I don’t have to worry about staining or spillages.
I’m someone who’s always been a fan of decorating. I like to make additions to rooms to make them a bit more striking. So the perfect thing for me to do is to hang some artwork at home. My partner and I took a while to agree on something because art is so subjective. But eventually we decided to go for photos on canvas. This is something a little different from the usual hanging painting. It gives the room a bit of character. And the best thing about it was I could customise it using photos I took on my smartphone!
When it comes to home improvements, the best thing you can do is add an extension. See, we were looking for some extra space in the home. We wanted to come up with a way we could make the property more practical, and also more valuable. And the idea we came up with was to build a conservatory. This took a lot of effort and planning to get right. And we had to spend quite a bit on it. But it’s been more than worth it. We have all this awesome extra space. And we added a tonne of value to our home.
Modernise the Kitchen
You’ve heard people talk about the kitchen being the most important room in the home, right? Well, I heard this mantra a lot too and was always sceptical. I’m here to tell you right now; I was wrong! The kitchen is certainly the most important room you will have in your property. It’s the one room that can make the difference between a sale and a pass. So you need to make sure you make it as appealing as possible. The best way to do this is to modernise it as much as possible. We decided to go for a contemporary open plan design. It’s large, spacious and looks fabulous!

Colour Scheme
Believe it or not, the colour scheme in your home is crucial. My partner always used to disagree with me about this. But then we changed the colour scheme and it turned out I was right! You need to have a think about the tone and style of each room in the home. What is your current colour scheme? Are you happy with it? If you want to change it what colours do you have in mind? These are all considerations you will need to make. Personally, I would recommend going for bright, vibrant colours. These will make the home brighter, more airy and more inviting.
There are so many home improvements you can do. As a homeowner, you’re very lucky that you have the opportunity to do so much. It’s a brilliant situation to be in when you can make improvements and additions to benefit your home. Many of these will be purely for aesthetic value. But many of them will enrich your home life, and add value to your property.   

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