Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wicked Ideas For Running a Successful Restaurant

Running a restaurant is often thought of as a glamorous experience. Television and the movies have certainly heightened the appeal for a lot of people. But, for every restaurant that succeed there are many that fail in it’s place. Running a restaurant is much harder work than a lot of people realise. In fact, it’s a lot more difficult than running, say, a pub. Once you involve food in the process things become much more complicated.

You need to know about the processes involved in the running of a successful restaurant. A lot of these will be similar templates for most business models. But you’ll need to make sure your focus is on the restaurant, and the food side of the business. Here are some awesome ideas for how you can run a successful restaurant.



First up, you might not think about it but the design of the restaurant is extremely important. It needs to look classy and modern. But at the same time it should come across as homely and inviting. You need people to feel comfortable and contented in your establishment. It’s important to provide the ultimate dining experience for your guests. You want to ensure people are satisfied when they visit your restaurant, and you want to encourage them to return. The layout plays a huge part in the appeal of a restaurant. You need to have tasteful decor and a great floor plan.


In a similar sense to the design of the restaurant it’s also important to have a great menu. When it comes to the menu, a good rule of thumb is less is more. Try not to have a cluttered, colourful menu with pictures of food on it. This looks cheap and tacky. Instead, you want to limit the number of dishes you produce and focus on quality. The display of the menu is vital too. You might think about displaying it in a folder. Or you could consider using menu holders. It’s important to present the menu in the best way you can. It should look sleek and contemporary. It needs to be stripped back but classy at the same time.


While the other stuff is important as well, the most important part of a restaurant is the food. As a restaurant, your success starts and stops with the food. So it needs to be of the highest possible quality and it should have fantastic presentation. Make sure you have amazing chefs who have specialty dishes. Don’t have too many items on the menu. Instead, let your head chef come up with a menu in conjunction with you. Your kitchen staff need to be able to cope with the number of dishes. But they also need to be able to dedicate time to producing the best quality food possible.


And behind the food the most important part of a successful restaurant is marketing and advertising. This is a key component for any business. But in many ways it’s even more vital for a restaurant. You need great word of mouth for one thing. But also, you need to have a great advertising strategy. It’s important to have a website for your restaurant, and also to make sure you have a social media presence too.

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  1. running a restaurant is one of the hardest things that any one can attempt (i have helped one person twice and other once) Frought with more work and potential problems than one can ever manage alone


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