Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tips for Giving Your Home an Antique Feel

Everybody has a different view of the best decor to have in their home. Some want a country vibe, while others prefer modern furnishings and fittings. There’s no right or wrong answer; it’s all down to your own personal tastes. These tips are designed to help you give your home an antique feel, for those of you who love that look!

Ready Distressed Floors

There’s no need to buy a new floor and stamp all over it or spend hours making it look old. You can buy ready distressed floors that will add an antique look to your home in an instant. You’d never know that you’d gone out and bought it brand new! This type of flooring isn’t for you if you’d like your home to look more current and ‘2015’.

Use Natural Materials

For an antique feel, you obviously don’t want to be using too many reflective or sleek looking materials. Natural materials will give your home that gorgeous vintage/antique feel. Wooden floors, marble table tops and similar materials will all add to the effect.

Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper is available to buy, but of course it isn’t actually vintage. You can buy new wallpaper with a vintage inspired pattern, and you can even put a modern twist on it if you like with a pop of color. It’s up to you if you’d like wallpaper with a vintage pattern, or wallpaper that looks like a distressed wall. Both will give an antique feel to your home without making it appear old and stuffy.

Accessorize with Florals

Antique/vintage homes are usually covered in floral patterns. The floral pattern was very popular all those years ago, and you can still use it today to help get the effect that you desire. You could opt for a floral paper design, floral cushions, or even floral curtains. Mixing different colors and styles of floral is allowed too! This can give an almost ‘shabby chic’ feel.

Shop at Antique Markets

Shopping at real antique markets will allow you to add real vintage bits and pieces to your decor. Look for quirky elements that will add a unique touch to your home to really impress your guests!

Replace Lighting

If your lighting looks too sleek and modern, it isn’t going to fool anybody. Quorum lights have wall sconces that would work perfectly in this kind of decor. The fixtures and fittings in your home can make the world of difference when it comes to giving your home an antique feel!


If your hardware is too shiny and new, it isn’t going to fit in with the rest of the look. Replace your hardware with distressed looking pieces, like your door handles for instance. It really will make a huge difference!

Now you know the best ways to give your home an antique feel, you can go and make it look exactly how you want it! I hope you found this useful - leave a comment with any tips you may have. Thanks for reading!

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