Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Date With The Hunks: Pizza Hut Galore and Cinderella Movie-Watching

I'm the only girl in the family so they are hunks LOL. It was a day for the teenagers so the choice was theirs. The hubby wanted to eat his so called real foods but we all said No-No because it's the kiddo's day! 

So off to Pizza Hut we went.
We had a set-meal which composed of...

mushroom soup

chicken and fried rice

Hawaiian pizza

Spaghetti platter

I find their fried chicken a bit of salty and got the same opinion from the hunks. Their pizza is the best for me though because of a certain herb-like taste and the pasta that's not too thin and cooked just enough. I guess it's the cheese that makes it perfect!

And yep it was a perfect date with the hunks. We got a family secret during this date! No am not telling you LOL.

We then went to the mall to catch the movie CINDERELLA. I don't have time to write a review about it so am giving my verdict in this post. Cinderalla starring Lily. James is a MUST-WATCH.

Not just because am a sucker for fairy tales but because it was very beautifully portrayed. Everyone in the audience knows the story but still everyone was mesmerized! 

~the important lesson that I learned~

As for the hunks, am sure they were enchanted by Cinderella!


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  1. No doubt about your hunks enchanted by Cinderella, Zen. miss you too, mwah!!


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