Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tackling A Family Friendly Spring Clean

Spring is coming, and for most families it signifies a wake up call to sweep away the cobwebs of last year and start the new year fresh and with a positive mindset. This is also a means to do this physically as well as mentally. Sort through old belongings and decide whether to store them for next year or to throw them out or sell them. It does the whole family good for everyone to get involved in the spring cleaning. Your kids are a massive part of your family and deserve a say and to take part too.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to prioritise the rooms of your home. I would recommend leaving the garage until last, this then provides you with a area to leave items that need to find a new home or be sold. Also it can provide a good area to leave items you are unsure about. If a spring clean seems like too much hassle, check out the Lakewood properties for home inspiration. Be sentimental, but do not hold on to things for no good reason.

Lounge - Do a double check of the lounge for any lingering Xmas decorations, I know we forgot to remove a few items and ended up having to get the storage boxes out again. Also check around the coffee table for any old newspapers and magazines and recycle them. These can also be used to keep the kids busy on their holidays as they can be used for scrapbooking or even making paper mache. If you want to freshen up your living area, it can be simple. Think about moving some of your furniture around. Another idea is to move soft furnishings from one room to another; these include rugs, cushions and curtains.

Kitchen - My kitchen is filled with clutter, we have some many appliances laying around that do not even get used. If you still want them, box them up and store them. If they were a flash in the pan, then stick them on eBay and turn your junk into treasure. Remember to store old crockery and some of your larger serving dishes as these will be needed when the next big social event comes around. Moving larger appliances to clean behind them can be a real pain, this, however, can be alleviated somewhat by purchasing appliance rollers. These little rods on wheels are placed on the ground and then your appliances are placed on top. This allows the easy removal of the appliance to aid cleaning and maintenance.

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Bedrooms - The kid’s bedrooms are always a magnet for mess. Think on though at what you deem as rubbish may be a special item for your kids. Get them involved and let them have a say in what is being thrown out. It may seem childish that your child keeps a particular stuffed animal, but that has been their trusted friend for years. Remember to box up any old drawings and pictures they have made and keep them for the future. It is amazing to see their development in front of your eyes when you look back at their old school work.

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