Tuesday, February 24, 2015

4 Ways You Could Kick Away The Flu Virus

This, I could claim to be an expert on, experience wise.

I may be a health worker but when it comes to my own body I treat myself the natural, cheapest way. Here's my sure fire formula to kicking away flu!

1. Have as much rest as you can.

Sleep for as long as your body needs. How do you know enough is enough? Your body will wake you up when you are rested fully. If getting up still makes you dizzy and cold do not force yourself to get out of bed. If for some reason you can not make it to your bed just minimize your physical activities. You could close your eyes whenever you get the chance.

2. Drink lots of fluid!

Warm drinks do the trick for me all the time. I feast on my hot choco love and my soup delights! I carry a water container with me anywhere I go. The only downside is you get to be pulled to the loo to pee every now and then but that's nothing compared to being totally knocked down coughing and sneezing,

3. Load on Vitamin C rich goodies!

Citrus fruits work like magic for me. Munch 'em, swallow 'em and lots of 'em!

And one last thing...

4. Make sure not to pass on the virus.

Wash your hands properly. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze or better yet stay away from your loved ones for a little while while you recover.  Thing is, a kiss could really make you sick when you're unlucky LOL.

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  1. i think you would understand, coming from me, the first step is the vaccine. I also tend to go with extra zinc and vitamin C to shorten the duration of any virus that gets a hold of me. Your last step is the one most people ignore, i m very sad to say

  2. So true, they all work for me too


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