Thursday, January 29, 2015

Travelling to an Islamic Country? Here's How to Dress

If you love to travel to different places, an Islamic country or two might be on your list. However, you must be cautious when visiting these places; dressing as you would back home might get you unwanted attention, and even cause offence. They are very different to the Western culture that most of us live by on a daily basis. To help you work out the acceptable way to dress, take a look through this post:

You probably can’t wear what you would normally wear when travelling, even if you feel it is fairly modest. What you consider modest, might be the equivalent to walking around in your underwear to people in the country you’re travelling to. You wouldn’t want to be looked at that way, would you? It will only stop you from having a wonderful time!

Loose clothing is always best in Islamic countries, and your arms and legs should be fully covered. Covering your hair with a scarf, called a ‘hijab’, is recommended too, as this will stop you from getting unwanted attention from men. It’s up to you whether you cover your hair at all times though, or whether you would prefer to do it when visiting mosques. Here’s some of the Islamic clothing that is commonly worn:

  • Kamiz - a loose tunic and trouser combo.
  • Chador - a long robe that covers the body and head, usually with a veil across the face.


If you decide to wear your regular clothing, you may find that you’re treated much differently to those who don’t. You’ll probably end up getting unwanted attention, rude comments, and stares. This will make you feel uncomfortable and could stop you having a good time, so you may as well dress like a local to save trouble.

Many people from Islamic countries will really appreciate the fact that you’re embracing their culture and respecting them.

Even in countries like Thailand, you may be frowned upon for wearing revealing clothing when you’re not on the beach. Most of them dress modestly, and it’s nothing to do with religion, it’s simply part of their culture. You don’t want to be seen as offensive to residents, no matter where you’re staying!

In some cases, you’ll need to be dressed properly ready for your visit when you’re on the plane. This is so you’re prepared when crossing into the airspace of an Islamic country, such as Iran. Wearing a hijab and following a dress code is compulsory in Iran. Wearing sandals that show your toes are OK, but you mustn't show your arms or legs. Feel free to play with the colour of the clothing you are wearing doesn’t need to be strictly dark!

Above all else, make sure you relax and have a wonderful trip. This can be difficult if you’re worrying about what to wear, but just try your best to stick to the culture of the place you’re visiting so as not to offend. Do plenty of research beforehand and you should be fine!

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