Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sunday "Fam-date"

The week is never complete without us spending quality time with our kiddos. Last Sunday the hubby and I split up at the mall. I viewed a horror movie with our older son while he and our younger son did the grocery shopping. The earlier plan was for the four of us to watch the movie but it was rated 16 so our twelve year old was obviously restricted. The movie had an interesting plot but the acting was not to my liking. I enjoyed the date though, you know sitting beside our grown up boy inside the movie house and having that peaceful feeling that we are raising him to be a God-fearing individual.
Then came dinner! We met up at our fave resto and indulged in our personal favorites.

one of those rare occasssions when the hubby could strike a pose LOL

my Taipan garden noodles

special chicken as requested by Roel

cold cuts

broccoli with garlic, a must eat in the family

Roel being taught by the hubby to use chopsticks LOL

Now what were these guys smiling for? Well, this curious mom had to ask. It was apparently this...

~one of those shared videos on social media that tickles 'em boys.

We went home with me on the wheel! Seriously! I was careful as careful can be and boy I am so glad the hubby won't complain about being tired driving on our future trips already LOL. The boys cheered me on saying I can drive faster now LOL.

Family is the best energizer there is! I am so looking forward to our next "Sun-date"☺

Happy weekend one and all!☺

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  1. *heart eyes*

    Yay! I love family Sundates too! Actually been telling M to do the same, watch kami ni K ng movie while he bonds with G. Ayaw pumayag ng lolo mo. Hahaha!

    Food and more food! Drooliiiiiiing!!!


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