Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Top Tips For Building Your Kids A Playhouse

Spring is finally in sight, and you may be busy thinking up ideas for getting your kids back outside and playing in the fresh air. Winter is a tricky time because the weather can be so unpleasant. Our children tend to stay indoors where it is warm and dry but can so easily get bored. Spring is great because the temperature finally warms up again, and you can even squeeze in the odd dry day here and there too.

Kids naturally want to play outside and feel that they have some form of independence away from you, even if it is only for an hour. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden or yard, you may be thinking about maximizing it for your kids to use as much as they can. Children love ball games and role playing games. Skipping, trampolining, and even simple games of chase are quite popular with kids too.

If you are wondering what you can do to help your children make the most of their time outside, maybe you could consider building them a playhouse or tree house in your garden. It doesn’t need to be big or elaborate. Often, some hardwood from your local timber yard can be enough to get you going. You may find some designs online or pictures on Pinterest to help you along. If you have some tools and some time, it needn’t be too hard to put something together in a timber frame.

Once you have the wood cut to size, you may want to glue and screw it together for added strength. The roof can be felted as you would use for a typical garden shed, but remember it won’t last forever without regular maintenance and possible replacement every few years. Kids love having a little window they can put curtains up for. Bendy plastic or perspex is usually very safe for this purpose as it won’t shatter or shard-like glass does.

If you are using power tools or sharp items to build your playhouse, be sure little ones are well out of the way and do not have access to anything like that. Accidents can happen so quickly and easily when you are working on home projects. You may need a power tool to put hinges on the playhouse door too. When it is constructed, the kids may want to choose the paint colours. Older children may want to help you paint it too. Alternatively, paint the sides and doors, leave them to dry, and then construct the house afterwards.

Building things for the kids needn’t be as daunting as it first appears. For a start, none of it needs to be up to building regulations or national standards. It is a play house and will suffer knocks and weathering anyway. Children are happy with whatever you supply and will never expect it to be equivalent the house you live in. It is just for fun, and hopefully the project of building your kids a playhouse is fun for you too.

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