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Tips For Creating A Stress Free Bedroom

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When it comes to picking up a paint brush and redecorating, your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Your bedroom is the place where you begin and end your day, so it is important to create a space that you love.

Your bedroom should be your most personal space within your home, the place where you can relax, de-stress and rest. It should be your own intimate sanctuary away from the rest of the world, a place you feel safe, happy and calm.

Is your bedroom looking a little shabby? Is it causing you more stress? Then perhaps it would be a good idea to give your bedroom a makeover, along with a calming and stress-free atmosphere.

Below are a few tips to help you create a relaxing and stress-free bedroom space.

Wall Colour

When picking out the colour for your walls, it is important to consider two things: is the colour relaxing and do you love the colour. Ideally, you want to choose a colour that relaxes and calms you. However, it is also important that you actively like the colour.

You may not realise it, but certain colours can trigger a relaxation response in the body, making you feel more relaxed. Colours that trigger a relaxation response tend to be light blues, soft greys, creams, and eggshell.

Whatever shade of paint you choose, make sure to opt for a colour that inspires and relaxes you.

Bed and Bed Linen

The bed and bed linen you choose is an important part of making your bedroom more relaxed. An important part of stress management is getting enough sleep, so that’s why having a comfortable and cosy bed is vital for reducing your stress levels.

Start off by considering whether your mattress is as comfortable as it could be - could you be more comfortable with a new mattress? If you decide to invest in a new mattress, have a look on to get an idea of prices and availability. Or, if you are not in a position to buy a new mattress, think of other ways you could make your bed more comfortable. Such as by investing in a mattress topper, for example.

Once you have decided on what mattress to buy, you can then start thinking about your bed linen. Have you ever noticed how hotels always feel relaxed and luxurious? This luxury effect can be easily created with good quality white bed linen. For your own bedroom retreat, consider investing in all white bed linen - make sure it is 100% cotton and has a thread count of over 200.

For added luxury and comfort, invest in a feather duvet. Not only are feather duvets incredibly cosy and comfortable, but they also look great with any bedding.


To make your bedroom into the ultimate stress-free space, opt for blackout curtains. They don’t allow any light to enter your room, and so are excellent for helping you to get a good night’s sleep.

Instead of opting for window height curtains, choose floor length drapes instead. Curtains that fall to the floor are much more luxurious than window length curtains, and best of all, they look great in any space.


An important part, of creating a stress-free bedroom, is having a space that is free of clutter.

To keep your bedroom clutter-free, limit yourself to a few accessories and objects. A chest of drawers, dressing table, wall mirror, an indoor plant, and some pieces of wall art will do perfectly.

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