Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Baby Is Now Senior Scout

I can still remember posting my boys' first scouting experience here. I entitled it stalking the kids at the campsite LOL. Yesterday I woke up to my elder son's alarm clock signalling him to dress up for another scouting experience.

This time he is already master scout mmm errr senior scout? Pardon my ignorance on this matter LOL. I think I need a lecture from him when he gets back. 

I am proud to say he has matured a lot. Unlike back then when I would pack his things for him now he gets up from bed in an instant and dresses up like a real boy SCOUT, prepared, courageous and ready to face the world on his own.

I must admit I have qualms about him going to college soon! Sigh, time flies really fast eh! But as has been said, our children are not our children, they in time will have to leave our nest and find their own DESTINY.

Wish this mother's heart good luck on that note!

Have a Happy Weekend friends! :)

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