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9 Signs You Are With The Person You Should Marry

So, you believe you have met the perfect guy. You have kissed lots of frogs and now, finally Prince Charming has arrived. But, the problem is, you aren’t sure whether Prince Charming is ‘the one’ for you either…

There are little things that irritate you about him; you don’t exactly see eye to eye with his mother and you just aren’t sure whether he is the man you will marry. If he was the one wouldn't you just know?

While you may not know straight away that your new partner is the man you will marry, here are some signs that the two of you could be together for life:

1. You want the same things

A good place to start is the fact that you two want the same things. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you both love watching the football. While that can be good too, wanting the same things in a long-term sense is of vital importance. Whether you are both hoping to buy a house, have kids or go on lots of luxury vacations – having similar goals will help you make your relationship a more successful one.

2. You like your partner’s family

While you and his mother may not see eye to eye on certain things, namely, who he loves more, as long as you can hold a conversation with her, it isn’t too much of a problem. Many people moan about their in-laws, and while this doesn’t mean that your marriage is doomed, things are easier if everyone can try to get along.

It is true what people say – you don’t just marry your partner, but their family as well.

3. You miss them

When you are apart you miss them, whether it’s for a few hours or a few days, you can’t help but think about them. Wanting to spend as much time with the person you love as possible, doesn’t make you needy or infuriating. It shows that no matter what you are doing, you would rather have your partner around to do it with.

Of course, having some alone time is healthy and important in a relationship, but so is wanting to spend time with your partner. For a healthy relationship, it is vital to strike a balance between the two.

4. You still flirt with each other

Just because they are yours, there is no need to stop making your partner feel wanted. Flirting is fun and healthy, it allows you to use your body language to show your partner just how much you fancy them.

If you feel like you have forgotten how to flirt, you can quickly learn how to flirt with body language. Flirting  with body language is an excellent way to show your partner how much you want them whilst you are out and about. By running your foot up their leg under the dinner table or placing a hand gently at the top of their thigh, you can discreetly show them what they mean to you.

5. You think about how your decisions affect your partner

It isn’t just yourself you have to think about anymore, and that’s fine, you are happy with that. Thinking about taking a new job? You are also considering whether it would fit in with the schedule and needs of your partner – especially if you live together.

This should work both ways if it doesn’t then that is a warning sign that he may not be the one for you. For instance, if he is trying to decide on whether or not he should make a big career change. Such as, moving across the country or world for a job, he should also be thinking about how all this would affect you.

6. You don’t keep secrets

Keeping secrets is a bad idea in a relationship, especially as these things seem to have a way of coming out.

If you have made a mistake or done something wrong, don’t try to hide it. Sit down and talk honestly about it with your partner. Explain to them why you did what you did and how sorry you are about it.

While there may be certain things about yourself, such as your sleep talking habits that you would rather keep private. If your partner is in it for the long haul, then they should be understanding and supportive of any secret or worry that you have. Remember, the right person will want all of you, not just the best bits of you.

The closer you get to your partner, the more you will reveal about yourself and your past, from your relationship history to the amount in your savings account. The more your significant other knows about you, the more they will understand your personality and habits.

7. People can see you are happy

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If your parents, friends and other relatives comment on how happy the two of you look together, that is a good sign. If your family and closest friends are supportive of your relationship, you know it is going to last.

8. You argue, but it is always okay

Arguing with your significant other is all part of a healthy relationship. Being in a relationship isn’t all kisses and cuddles, so it is vital that you know that you can deal with and get through arguments without a full blown meltdown.

There will be tough days, days when everything seems to be going wrong. But, if you can get through the fighting and angry discussions without anyone having a breakdown, then you can definitely handle being married to each other.

9. You don’t always look perfect

Although it is nice to dress up and make an effort for your partner now and then. You should also feel comfortable spending the day in sweats and a hoodie whilst watching a movie in bed.

Your significant other knows that you don’t always look perfect, and he loves you for that. While dressing up and looking pretty is one thing, sometimes it can be a lot of fun to chill out at home in pajamas.

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