Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Colors of Home

I love being home! Who doesn't? I get to immerse myself in the beauty of natural things and people closest to my heart. Sharing with you the colors of our home sweet home...

~our newly planted Vietnam Roses

~our cat Vhea enjoying the view by the porch

~our daily winged visitor

~fresh veggies in the kitchen

~blue skies and fluffy clouds

~the magic of dawn

~wildflowers kissing the sun

I could stay here all day and just listen to the laughter of my kids but then again reality calls and we all must toil to provide for the family's needs but as I say time and again I am too blessed to be stressed and thank God everyday for life's precious moments!☺
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  1. love the colors of your home Zen, my fave is the fresh veggies from your kitchen, oh so yummy!!!!


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