Friday, March 20, 2015

Our First Run As A Couple

...and hopefully not the last LOL!

So it was that on the morning of the 6th day of December the hubby and I joined our town-mates in a FUN-RUN which was held for the benefit of scholars. We are always supportive of anything "for a cause" and anything "healthy" so I dragged my feet off the bed after the hubby threatened me about my body fats never leaving me LOL!

Warming Up!

We were with the team representing the hospital where I work.

with workmates eager to go run run run!

My plan was actually to just WALK LOL!

And walk-run I did much to the hubby's dismay because he wanted us to be on the same pace LOL.

I kept telling him he can go ahead and leave me just enjoying the sights but he was insistent I run LOL!

And thanks to him I managed to make it to the FINISH LINE alive LOL! It was after all barely a 3KM run but for a newbie (read lazy bones) like me it was quite a feat! I was too damn scared of collapsing in the presence of everyone because I am supposed to be the model of health and fitness in town. So, I resolve to work on taking regular walks and hopefully really get in a running mode soon!

I guess you all know what seeing the word FINISH feels like when you are all sweaty and thirsty!

To the organizers of the event THANK YOU and we are looking forward to more healthy lifestyle events like this!

Have a happy weekend one and all!

~Inspired by blogging buddy Ruthi of Ruthi's Breathing Space! Check out the link to her running blog there and be inspired to RUN RUN RUN! :)

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  1. i wish i could run too, ang bilis ko hingalin. hahaha

  2. wishing you and your hubs more running days Zen


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