Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is The Pierced Bellybutton Making A Comeback?


Remember when it was quite the trend in the 90’s to have your bellybutton pierced? Everyone seemed to be showing off their latest piercing! I’m sure there wasn’t a magazine cover that didn’t feature a female model with a bare midriff, sporting a sparkling belly button accessory.
The craze seems to have died down a little over recent years, but there’s nothing to say that we won’t see a resurgence of piercing trends to hit the fashion scene in the year ahead. Here’s why.

Celebrities with belly button piercings

Celebrities are big fans of the belly button piercing and are regularly snapped on the beach by various paparazzi, showing off their latest jewellery from places such as PiercingMania. Just a few of the celebrities with pierced belly buttons that we know of are Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce. Although we’re sure that Beyonce probably had to remove hers during her recent pregnancy.

Pierced belly button in winter

It’s not quite as popular to show off your belly button piercings during winter, but if you wear the right outfit you can still show off your piercing with style. Simply opt for a pair of low-cut skinny jeans and a warm and cozy top that falls a little short at the waist. This should show just a little glimpse of your stomach, without making you shiver this festive season.

Types of belly button jewellery

If you have a pierced belly button, you have a choice of a few different styles of jewellery. You can keep things simple with a plain silver or gold belly bar, or add a touch of sparkle and get something adorned with crystals or Swarovski stones. These will catch the light in a stunning way and look perfect when worn on the beach. Belly button jewellery or earrings also make for an interesting and thoughtful Christmas gift for a friend or partner. You could even commission them something completely unique as a gift from Etsy.

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Piercings are definitely overtaking tattoo and other body art trends in the world of celebrities, largely because they are less of a life-long commitment. For example, if you choose to have a tattoo done, that thing is definitely staying with you for life. Unless you have the money to pay for laser removal of course! With a piercing, you can take it out whenever you choose and the hole will heal. It might be worth noting that there may still be some minimal scarring with piercings once they have been removed though.

So, whether belly button piercings are really making a comeback or not, it seems to be more of a personal choice when it comes to whether or not to take the plunge. Just make sure that you choose a reputable place to get your piercing and do your research beforehand. It may not be as much of a commitment as a tattoo, but it’s certainly always wise to think things over from every angle before making any kind of changes to your body.

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