Monday, December 15, 2014

How To Choose Clothes For Your Teener

I often have the urge to purchase shirts for my boys when I am in the mall without them. Problem is most of the time my choice does not suit their taste. Lately though I seem to be hitting the jackpot!

Above my boy-man Roel is wearing the shirt I recently got him-it has a design that "glows in the dark"! He loves it! I don't get all the credit though because the hubby had a say.

1. The size matters
Know what your kids like. My first-born doesn't like oversized shirts though he has a huge built whereas the younger boy likes 'em a size larger.

2. The design has to match their age
Their physical age as well as mental age I meant. Meaning, don't go for something that entices you but totally turns them off otherwise they won't wear it ever!

3. The price has to be reasonable
Teaching them to spend money wisely is a plus factor. There are brands that offer quality, trendy and durable clothing. In short go for the popular ones when they are on sale LOL.

4. Inspect carefully
Make sure to request for a new stock and not settle for the one on display (learned this from a friend- DJ) and to check for any missing button, any uneven side, loose zipper etc.

5. And most importantly use your heart!
Show and make an impression on their young minds that material things are not what matters most and that the real worth of a person is beyond his looks.

Happy shopping! ☺
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