Friday, November 14, 2014

Tick Control: How to Keep These Bloodsuckers Away

Each year, thousands of people are bitten by ticks. Although most tick bites are relatively harmless, some can actually cause severe sickness. During the warmer months of the year, these annoying pests are always on the lookout for a new host. Here are some effective ways to keep ticks at bay.

Mow the lawn
Ticks tend to thrive in tall grass. This means that homeowners will need to mow their yard on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is to avoid allowing the grass to grow taller than three inches. Due to the low humidity of a freshly mowed lawn, the ticks will be forced to move to a different area.

Repellent sprays
Before hiking or walking through a wooded area, it is advisable to spray a tick repellent onto all clothing. However, individuals who have allergies need to be especially careful when choosing a tick repellent. Although synthetic repellents are typically more effective at warding off ticks, most natural tick repellents can be applied directly onto the skin.

Check for ticks
When returning from an outdoor activity, everyone should check their entire body for ticks. The most important areas on the body to inspect include the hair, crotch, behind the ear, and underarms. Ticks are generally attracted to dark areas that provide a lot of moisture. If possible, try to remove as many clothes as possible before entering the home. Pets also need to be checked for ticks on a regular basis.

Tick control
Some locations are more prone to having ticks than others. A professional tick control service will be able to protect the entire outdoor area from ticks. An effective tick treatment can actually kill ticks on contact. Fortunately, the natural-based chemicals are not harmful to humans. Tick control is especially important for the homeowners who have young children.

Wear light-colored clothing
Ticks can easily become camouflaged on dark clothing. On the other hand, wearing light-colored clothing makes it much easier to spot ticks.

Take a shower
Taking a shower is an easy way to remove ticks from the body. However, remember to avoid squeezing a tick that is found clinging to the skin.

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