Saturday, October 4, 2014

Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning

Anything that's outside for a long amount of time is going to have to stand up to the forces of nature. Wind, rain, snow, plants and animals all chip away at your outdoor surfaces, eventually leaving them looking grungy. Whether it's furniture, fences, decks or even building walls, your outside surfaces are going to eventually need some serious cleaning.

This is a good task to add onto your list of household chores to do once or twice a year. Make it part of your routine for spring cleaning, fall cleaning or both. That way, you can tackle the dirt and grime on your surfaces without too much trouble.

If this is the first time you've done this, you may want to call in some professionals to get the job done perfectly. When you start with a clean slate, it's much easier to keep up with it year after year. Look for companies that focus on restoring surfaces, not simply power washing them. Companies such as can restore all your outdoor surfaces in an eco-friendly way, leaving you ready to tackle it on your own the next year. Of course, you may just decide to bring in the professionals again, and there's nothing wrong with that.

While outdoor furniture is made to be sturdier than indoor furniture, it's often meant to be portable, so it's less sturdy than. This means that its lifespan may be more limited, and eventually, it may be cheaper to simply replace it than it would be to clean it.

Sometimes you may find something that needs to be cleaned immediately. Mold is one example of this. Dirt can wait until next spring to come off completely, but mold can post a health risk to your family if left there. If you find mold on an outdoor surface, you can call in a professional to get rid of it, but you can also find a non-toxic mold cleaner and follow the directions on the label to clean the mold yourself.

With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can take your yard from grungy to gorgeous. You'll want to sit outside more when it's nice out and you'll feel safer about your children playing outside. We can't underestimate what a difference just a little surface cleaning makes in the overall feel of your home.

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