Monday, January 5, 2015

12 Things You Can Do In A Day That Can Help Change The World

As I type I am on my way to a post-grad class. I'm still sleepy from last night's challenges at work yet I feel so blessed to be simply alive. The bus is taking too long to reach my destination and instead of complaining here I am preparing this angelic list. I hope it inspires you to earn tickets to heaven.

1. Be Thankful For Everything.

You are breathing with ease, seeing colors and hearing tunes. So many people out there are fighting for their lives. You got yours in perfect shape!

2. Forgive Everyone

There will always be people who tend to annoy us or hate us for nothing at all. It isn't easy not retaliating but why care about holding grudges? The burden of hatred will only slow us down on our path to goodness.

3. Hug and Kiss The Ones You Love

Don't wait until it is too late to show 'em you care. Hugging has a therapeutic effect. It gives us the energy to accept our everyday fate.

4.  Say "I love you" and mean it.

Ever wondered whether someone truly cared? Or been in a situation where you do not have the guts to express your feelings? Breathe in, breathe out, count from one to ten then say it, say it out loud. It will make a huge difference. Whether your affection is reciprocated or not does not matter much. What matters is you've given the person a part of you that's true.

5. Be Generous.

While we rant about our material worries someone is praying for basic needs such as food and shelter. Do your part! Share your blessings. Afterall, it is through us that the hands of God reach out to the less fortunate.

6. Notice someone looking great? Tell the person, why not?

Inspiring someone through a sincere compliment is the best way to make him or her accomplish more in a short time. Good vibes passed around makes the whole world smile.

7. Bridge The Gap

Know of friends or family members having troubled relationships? Go ahead and make the first move for them to reconcile. Let there be peace on Earth! Life is too short for meaningless confrontations and drama.

9. Eat Well and Have Enough Rest and Exercise

Our bodies are our means to spread goodness. We each only got one, remember? So take care of your lungs, brain, heart and other organs. A long, healthy life is the best gift you could reward yourself with.

10. Spend Time In Meditation and Prayer.

It may be done anywhere, anytime especially when we are lost and confused. You can just close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing, listen to the beating of your heart and invoke guidance from Above. Faith, it moves mountains!

11. Never Give Up On Your Dreams.

No matter how difficult the situation may be just keep fighting wih all your might. No one ever succeded without sweating it out.

12. Keep Smiling! Don't Take Your Problems Too Seriously

Not only does it exercise your facial muscles, it also helps ease your emotional aches. Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them to improve yourself and the services you render to others.

Thank you for reading!!!

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