Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Morning Walk Series

I seldom find time to walk-capture these days. My busyness juggling work, family roles and studies are my lame excuses. Add the rainy whether on my side of the world which has made leaving home such a challenge. The other day I managed to take photos of two lovely things on my way to work.

These red-kissed petals against robust green were too inviting not to notice 
and how could I say no to such enticing friendly blue winged friend?

♡I'm writing this post while on a bus ride home from Law class. Gee you could label me a very boring friend for four years and longer because I am stuck in career enhancement. You could count on me to cheer you up and to listen to your thoughts still though,that much I can promise. ☺

đŸ‘€photos taken using my ever reliable Samsung Note II GT N700 Series

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