Monday, September 8, 2014

Breakfast, Trying To Keep My Plate Healthy

For breakfast today I tried my best to do away with preserved meat. I gladly had fish which I think would have been healthier if it weren't fried. Instead of artificial sauce I made my tomatoe paste with onion and sprinkled with pepper- no salt. I had just enough rice and green banana for dessert. Mmmmm I applied a teaspoon of peanut butter over the banana, enjoyed chewing like a kid. I went to the yard to pick some fresh calamansi after. I had a glassful without sugar and honestly I can live without sweetness for sometime. Truth was the taste of peanutbutter still lingered in my tongue when I drank the juice. I planned to take a photo prior to taking a gulp but wonder of all wonders I forgot! 

I hope I'd manage to keep up with this healthy eating project. As for my regular exercise routine I have a lot of catching up to do. In awhile I'll proceed with doing the laundry manually to burn some calories. I wish you all a happy, healthy week! Remember always that "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"!- Time to lose these extra pounds! :D

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  1. have a happy healthy week, Zen :) you can do it :) I too have been living without added sugar these days, I just simply get my sweets from fresh fruits, and I love fresh fruits :) hmmmm, I no longer crave for cakes, it's been several months, and for someone who has a sweet tooth like me, giving up cakes is such a big thing! I don't eat breads too, hehe, and no meats at all. No preserved foods either, I just love my sea weeds and almonds for my hiking snacks. :) I guess we talked about before about my "high cholesterol" that doctor asked me to try changing my diet first, so I did, and has been for very long now, my cholesterol level is at very very healthy level, so proud of it. :) Anyway, I only eat plant based foods these days, and of course, fish and sea foods. Giving up meat has totally lowered my cholesterol to very very safe level :)

  2. basic changes in how we eat are always good, basic changes in how we live, more so! On occasions we can go back to enjoy a treat for a day, but first get to the basic change so it is only a treat! Best of everything for you

  3. tempted to join and and Beth with the no-sugar no-meat diet but i need energy in these crazily busy times. i actually gained weight already and my clothes are getting tighter. huhuhu :(


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