Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party


Do you dream of being the perfect dinner party host? Most people like the idea of being the centre of attention. But not everyone understands the thrill of having your dessert complimented. Or the accomplishment of having the best dinner parties in your circle of friends. Throwing the perfect dinner party isn't easy. It's not all about cooking good food. You need to be attentive to your guests, keep everyone entertained, and God forbid anyone see how messy your house normally is! From the food and drink menu, down to the table layout and background music, hosting the perfect dinner party is a lot of work. This handy guide will keep you organised, so dinner goes off without a hitch.

Planning the Menu

Before you decide on anything, find out whether any of your guests has special dietary requirements. It would be an absolute disaster to serve meat to a vegetarian, and even worse to accidentally set off someone's allergies. If there are special requirements, decide whether you're going to make them their own special dish or whether you'll plan the menu around them. The second option might be easier.

Next, choose something that you can either prepare in advance or that doesn't need constant attention. Preferably both! If your kitchen and dining area are open plan, cooking as you chat to your guests in acceptable, but hiding away in the kitchen is frowned upon. You should always try not to leave your guests alone for too long.

Setting the Table

Presentation is key. Not only in your food on the plate, but the actual plates and everything that surrounds them. From your tablecloths and napkins to your cutlery and candles, everything should flow and fit together. A mismatched table could be cute in a quirky way, but might be better-left to a trendy café. You might choose to go for a simple arrangement with a tablecloth and pretty crockery, or you could go all out with centrepieces and party favours.

Entertaining Your Guests

It's not all about the food. Of course, the food should be good, but if you're not around to talk to your guests, they'll be disappointed. They've come to spend time with you, after all. You don't need to entertain them with set activities, like games or performances, although you can if you want. Most people just want to sit and talk, so try to be present as much as possible.

Keep the Drinks Flowing

Drinks don't have to be alcohol, but keeping a drink in everyone's hand shows great attentiveness. You can offer a drink as soon as they walk through the door (something bubbly is always good) and keep them topped up as they wait for food. Having a drink in hand between courses will make the wait seem shorter.

The trick to a successful dinner party is being organised. Plan everything in advance and do as much preparation as possible. Most importantly: have fun, and your party will be a success!

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  1. i don't know how to host a party, that's why i never hold one, and i don't wish to have one, gee, maybe, too much pressure, however, i do love small gathering of friends or of family, where I do not have to prepare anything, i let them cook or wash the dishes, see, I told you, I am not a good host :) touring guests around San Diego though is what I could do best :)

  2. Oh this is indeed helpful. I love party planning and dream that someday I would get paid for doing it so I can quit my day job.LOL

  3. dinner parties are best ways for get together , having a great time with friends and family.


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