Thursday, August 7, 2014

✿The Best Morning Treat- A Power Hug!✿

Being a working-studying mom I miss out on many moments with the kids. There are days when I don't sleep at home and nights when I arrive seeing them already in dreamland. So I try my best to make up for each lost time whenever I can. My favorite part of the day at home is waking up to their giggles and pillow fighting with them. No make up, no hair gel or outfit could replace the radiance of a mother's smile with her kids. My prayer is for every sick kid or mom in the world to be well and enjoy LIFE'S MOST PRECIOUS MOMENTS free of pain and suffering and for WAR at certain parts of the world to cease completely so that every kid could skip, jump and shout to their heart's delight non-stop and no mom's heart would ever tear apart......

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