Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Show How Much You Care With A Surprise Party: Here's How


Every few years I enjoy arranging a secret celebration for those that I love. It might be for birthdays, anniversaries, or for any other reason. I thought you might like to know how to arrange a party for your loved one without their knowledge. It’s easy to do and makes them feel special.

Take a look at the process I follow and see if it will work for you. There is nothing complicated in the arrangements, but you must learn how to be a little bit sneaky if you are to pull it off successfully. See what you think.

The Guest list
Invite only the people that your victim likes. Do not ask others just to make the numbers up, or it can water down the whole experience. Sometimes a small group is better than a crowd.

The Invitations
You must invite everyone over the telephone or face to face. Do not use email unless you are the only person that uses the account and do not send out paper invitations. The idea is that you leave no clues behind whatsoever. Even a small note can be enough to give the game away, so take no risks.

The Venue
If you intend to spring the surprise when you enter the venue, you must use a place that is familiar. They must not suspect anything out of the ordinary when you say you are taking them for a drink or a meal. Make sure that the staff at the venue know it is a surprise in case they let the cat out of the bag in the run up to the big day.

The Gifts
Everyone knows the occasion is the most important thing, but you will find some great birthday gift ideas from Boxt and many other places online. If you can’t decide what to buy, think about jewelry, perfume, aftershave, or a new watch.

The Food
Do not prepare the food yourself. Ask the owners of the venue to supply it, or perhaps use caterers to provide a buffet. Your plot will fail if the victim catches you with bags of food for which you cannot account.

The Entertainment
How will you make the party go off with a bang? I have used several forms of entertainment in the past; here are a few ideas.

  • Hire a DJ to play music and get everyone onto the dance floor. You shouldn’t provide the music yourself because it is often the personality of the DJ that encourages people to have fun.
  • People appreciate the talents of a live band. It can be very expensive to hire them for your event, and they might only play for an hour or two.
  • Find a comedian or a magician to do their act when there is a break from the music. Make sure that you are aware of the comedian’s material before you hire them, especially if there will be children in attendance.

Do you think you could keep the secret long enough to arrange a surprise party of your own? The more you do, the greater the chance of discovery. When the surprise is sprung you realise that it was worth all of the stress just to see how happy they are. It is worth every moment that it took to organise.

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