Wednesday, July 23, 2014

✿⊱24/7 Thoughts: How To Make Study Time Enjoyable ✿⊱

Oh well, this is from the point of view of someone a year short of being forty. A time when one's memory is a bit deteriorating yet continuing education is still on top of one's list of priorities in this complicated thing called LIFE.

So how do I keep myself entertained while memorizing and trying my best to understand alien concepts?

1. I manage my time (whatever that means).
Being a working mom of two teen-aged boys I make it a point to still spend quality time with them and the hubby too. Lately an additional bonding time has been our STUDY time. It's FUN getting to chat with them in between reading, catching up on their latest escapades and helping 'em solve problems they can't. PLUS, I get to inculcate in them the value of "learning" by example.

2. I make learning literally joyful! (regressing that is)
I bought itsy bitsy stuff I never thought I'd look at again. Colorful pencils, markers, pins and the like. I even unwrapped a doll given by a cousin as a token on his daughter's christening....and it seems to be working! My mind is inspired like a kid!

See what I meant with regressing? LOL

3. I consume healthy snacks to keep my brain alive (promise I'll do away with the chips soon).
Nuts keep us from being nuts and fruits boost our immune system. I still can't claim to be exercising regularly though but I am on my way to resuming my early morning walks

4. I pray, I pray unceasingly...
For God to keep me focused on my goal- "to be a better person" who can help others more....

You have more to add am sure because for now my thoughts are urging me to go back to reading my notes....

~Thank you for being here though I seldom get to visit your pages these days. I'll be there soon, I promise.~

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