Monday, July 21, 2014

Fridate -"Fresh Scallops With Asparagus" "My newly painted Nails" and Our Marital Vows"

Above is the foodie hubby with his newly manicured nails. He deserved the pampering after a gruelling week at work.

And so please join us again virtually in a sumptuous meal.

Diced fish and chicken rice

Fresh Scallops With Asparagus and Broccoli
Cold cuts 
Garden Noodles 
Camaron Rebosado 

Iced Tea and Mais con Yelo 
Gee, you bet we were both energized for the numerous tasks waiting for us.

Ahem, sporting my electric blue painted toe nails; ) and of course this is the closest thing to a couple photo the camera shy hubby could offer LOL, stolen shot of course while he was paying the bill: )
Me: Will you still love me if I grew soooo fat after eating all of these? 

Him: Of course mamushky, if I didn't love you soooo much I would have left you a long time ago!

Me: Okay let's do this again next Friday. 

Hubby: ....and we are going to work in the yard to lose the extra calories okay? Do not spend the weekend just laying in bed dear! 

Me: Deal! 

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  1. nahiya naman ang finger nails ko sa fingernails ni papa O, hahahahaha

    pass me the fresh scallops with asparagus and broccoli please, pati na rin yung mais con yeloooooo!!! i am hANGRY!!! LOL

    at sobrang nahiya naman ang toe nails ko sayo!!! i need to paint mine bloody red, hahahahaha


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