Saturday, July 19, 2014

✿Monday Health: Keeping A Happy Disposition✿

It's almost midnight and here I am tapping on the keyboard. It has been one stressful day in my new hobby (kidding) called "law school". Do not believe me when I say everything is a breeze. At my age it is a struggle to be memorizing lengthy sentences and internalizing not to mention learning by heart Articles yet I have set the challenge for myself and as many other weird people like me out there DETERMINATION keeps me going. Add to that of course is the LOVE of family and friends and the guidance of someone up Above I always call upon when troubled and feeling blessed. 

Now how do I keep my sanity in the midst of studying and working and parenting in that complicated thing called marriage with all its obligations? Allow me to share with you my HAPPY DISPOSITION routine...

1. I always wake up with thoughts of gratitude.
There is nothing compared to the JOY of hearing the beating of your own heart with ALL THE LOVE in the world for your family and friends knowing that they too appreciate you just as much. Below is a video one of those blissful dawns I get to experience at our yard whenever I am not on twenty-four hour work.

The start and end of day are the two most precious things to watch in life.  Nature has its way of rejuvenating us. Allow it to touch your soul and you'll feel the difference in your mood.

2. I think happy thoughts even in between dreadful ones.
My usual routine is imagining things in their mega magnitude when faced with my fears to the point of turning 'em ridiculous. I sometimes can not stop myself from sharing these ideas like one time during recitations in class when the discussion was on the legality of marriage I quipped (to a seatmate, miss you in class sis you know who you are) that a couple in class could get married at the point of death because our professor has the authority to solemnize the marriage. Turns out when my turn to be grilled came it was the exact scenario presented to me. Whew, there can be miracles when you believe ammmm errr when you do your part in preparing for the worst. WORRY deprives us of so many hours of relaxation so breathe in, breathe out and leave the cares of tomorrow. Empower yourselves though through doing what you must do. Procrastination kills!- on the spot secondary to heart attack so let us not be victims of our own laziness. Whew was that a happy thought? I am talking non-sense again. Whatever happens, just manage to SMILE and tell yourself "Tomorrow will be a better day"...and believe what you say :)

3. Humility is the sister of happiness.
Never ever allow your achievements no matter how laudable they are fill you with contempt for the simple beings. We all are equal in the eyes of God. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can have soft, blemish free skin and kissable lips matching your tantalizing eyes yet when your heart is filled with hatred and pride and you fail to share your blessings and time with those in need, you have not truly LIVED.

4. LOVE and allow people to LOVE you in return.
~and most importantly SAY it and SHOW it to the ones you treasure most! Do not wait until it is too late to tell your family and friends you CARE. So if you have not been in speaking terms with a brother or a sister, your father or your mom, or a long lost friend why wait another day? Communicate now and END YOUR MISERY. Love makes the world go round, keep yours joyous!

5. Listen to your body.
Easier said than done I admit. EAT A WELL BALANCED MEAL. EXERCISE REGULARLY and have yourself checked by a medical professional routinely. It's cliche yet "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".

Our bodies are temples of God. It is our means to spread HIS word and to show others that He exists through our selfless actions so TAKE GOOD CARE OF THAT TEMPLE.

6. Pray, Pray Unceasingly
He may not always give us what we want but He always knows the desires of our hearts and sends us what is best for us. It is up for us to realize our blessings.

 7. Be Generous.
 give to inspire others to give giving back picture quote

~Not to the point of allowing people to abuse you of course. Have time for those in dire need. Sometimes listening is more than enough to lift people's spirits. Be a blessing! Be that person in a crowd someone could count on.

The air we breathe, the food we eat. Our vision, our hands, our feet our strength are gifts beyond compare. So be glad. We are blessed. There are so many reasons to celebrate TODAY...

 ~thank you for being here again, by the way I am adding a new category in this blog- law school thoughts to document and share my new journey~

~Special thanks to pixabay for the photos and my sisters-at-heart for the daily inspiration~

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