Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Fight Against Writer's Block

Okay, I won't deny it any further. I sort of had an LQ with papa G. Google that is. I lost this site's page rank was that a month ago or the other month? I forgot, or chose to forget. So I made an appeal and thankfully the page rank issue was resolved. Yet have I gotten over the shock of losing everything I worked for yet? Hahahahaha I never even thought I would be writing my sentiments about it here as did my dear blogging buddies. But here I am now blabbering and still in denial that indeed I lost my blogging mojo.

That heart pumping sensation I used to have just opening my dashboard was lost for sometime. Good news is somehow I am finding my way back! I got inspired by my twinzy of Sweetmemoirs who stood firmly and still blogging away after that huge test on our blogging life. Yep, I can say again this time with conviction that ONCE A BLOGGER ALWAYS A BLOGGER.
So shall you be hearing more from The Letters In November now? I am afraid yes, so brace yourself for daily updates from us! Aaaahhh in case you hate us which I pray you don't you can always delete us from your reading list ehehehe. I temporarily chose a new template for my home in cyberspace. It took me more than a day to decide on this and yet I am not yet fully contented. Hmmm this one is a free template, all thanks to bloggercandy.com! Thank you for this oh so blue teeny boppy design. I might finally find myself ordering for a customized template one of these days. For now, real life calls- got a meeting to catch so....until the next letter folks! I missed yah all! :)

Betchai dear I know you will most certainly be here any moment, we can do this right? Get ourselves happily rolling in blogosphere again and writing to make a difference right? love yah!

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  1. i share your feelings Zen, somehow, I still am finding my inspiration to write or update my blog, I force myself to write something whenever lv sends me copy paste opps, i hope my motivation to blog will go back soon. keep on writing, you and Che keep on motivating me.

  2. the new theme is fabulous! blog, blog, blog! ;)

  3. It is a catch 22 for us blogger, and all decide by the big G! Glad to see you back in cyberspace!

  4. Writer's block, that means we kind of own it? I can only write what comes to my heart and at times my heart is silent. I still blog, when i can, but much is happening...


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