Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Grateful Heart

I have not written anything here for the past days. It seems that I have lost my drive for putting my thoughts into words and sharing 'em to the rest of the world. Now that makes me recall that time in my blogging life when only very few friends would care to read my page and leave comments. The beauty of it all then was being able to speak out without fear of hurting anyone or being judged for what I truly am. In six words I used to write like no one will read. That's exactly what I'd want to do now. This could be a very long entry and I do not care whether anyone would be patient enough to read until the bottom of the page. See, like everyone else I could be a very simple person one moment and then be a truly complicated individual the next minute.

Our world has evolved into one where "material" things have a huge impact in our daily lives. The moment we open our eyes man-made creation has somehow replaced mother nature. Alarm system on our gadgets mimicking the sound of birds or waves or that band banging lunatic screech many now call MUSIC instead of oh so natural breeze and roosters crowing wake many to a new day. People are planting online instead of on land and many relationships have been broken because of technology. Kids no longer explore with their feet but stay indoors away from sunshine pressing buttons and getting their eyes sore. We take photos of every step we take and sometimes fail to store memories inside our hearts. Where have all the quiet beautiful seasons gone? 

 I still am greeted by sunlight kissing my shoulders and birds chirping from somewhere above trees thank goodness to our decision to live at the neck of the woods.

Social media lures us to uncountable Wants! From noted must-watch movies to branded dresses on sale to the latest versions of gadgets A to Z; diet fads, cool places to visit, expensive cars, photo applications. Even our faith to the Almighty  is now expressed by clicking and sharing holy images by business web pages on our techie walls. Most everything has become inevitably commercialized! I just want to stop being influenced for awhile by monetary gains and keep breathing in what is essential in this life. Allow me to share with you what I consider my everything... 

Someone above whom I believe watches over me night and day.

My Family - imperfectly perfect and wrapped in love. 

Friends who know me to the depths and accepts me wholeheartedly. 

A job that gives me a chance to Help Others and be an angel in people's lives. 

A roof over my head.

Three warm meals a day and a whale of an appetite. 

Trees, dogs, cats, pigs, goats and fishes, flowers and cacti around the house.

...and a generally Happy disposition the whole year round.

A huge house, a fast car, fame and worldly adoration- I honestly do not long for...just the best of HEALTH to lead a long life inspiring others. I am far from divine and I am willing to Take the road less travelled by.

Care to Walk with me? 

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  1. now, after reading your post, am inspired to write, haha, I hope I could. I am with you Zen, let's continue to drive inspiration from living the simple life, the oh, joys of simple life, haha! love you!!! and God loves you!!!!!

  2. PS....I shared a video today but I did not add any music, since I do not want to hide the natural music of the wild, love love it, just sad that I could not sit in the lake anymore and let tears of inspiration run with the wild because of the threat of wildfire :(

  3. Ah Zen, this touched me. I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for writing this today. I sometimes do reminisce the starting days of blogging, things do tend to change over time and it's feels great to pause and ponder from time to time. Social media really is changing the scenario and you couldn't have put it better, it lures us into things we are better off not getting lured to! Your everything beats the best of treasures, stay blessed Zen and keep inspiring!

  4. writing comes from the heart and some times it is our hearts that are tired.
    It always comes again and then the torrent will not stop...


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