Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Guide to Safe Travelling with Arthritis

Being diagnosed with arthritis doesn’t mean that life has to stop! Many people living with this condition continue to do all of the things they had ever hoped or dreamed of, without letting anything hold them back. Travelling and going on holiday is a prime example of something that doesn’t have to stop, just because you have arthritis. You may need to consider things more carefully than others, but as long as you follow these top tips then travelling should be a breeze.

Be Prepared
Consider the destination of your holiday, including the climate and environment, before jetting off abroad. Those with arthritis may find that it becomes more painful during certain temperatures, or when the weather is humid. Plan ahead carefully, thinking about all aspects of your travel plans before booking that dream holiday. Make sure you have emergency plans if anything were to go wrong, and that your holiday insurance will cover you with arthritis. Consider how you are going to get to the destination, how you’ll get from the airport to the hotel, and everything else inbetween.

Don’t Overpack
Certain types of arthritis, especially those that affect the joints such as osteoarthritis, can flare up when a lot of weight is put on your body. If you’re planning on going on a long vacation, or travelling round the world, then you need to pack lightly. Suitcases with wheels, that you can drag along, will be far easier than backpacks or carried luggage. Make sure your travel companions are happy to take the slack when you’re not feeling up to carrying your suitcase around, too!

Remember Medication
The general rule of thumb is to pack an extra week’s worth of medication, for every week that you are on holiday. So, if you’re going for 14 days then have 28 days spare. Another good idea is to pick up a prescription from the doctor and leave it with a friend or family member. If you need extra when you’re abroad then they should be able to fax the prescription over to you, so that you can pick up some more. Make sure that you split up your medication into several bags, in case one bag were to be lost or stolen. This will ensure you’re covered for nearly every eventuality and not without important meds.

Let The Hotel Know
Some people are worried about telling others that they have arthritis, but going on holiday is an important time to let the right people know. Make sure that you have let the travel agency, airline and/or hotel know that you have this condition. Special arrangements can be made, such as first floor hotel rooms, easy access options and even the ability to get onto the plane before everyone else (in some cases). If you don’t let the hotel know then don’t be surprised if you’re put on the top floor, miles away from any lift!

There’s nothing stopping you from having an incredible time on holiday, or even travelling around the world, if you live with arthritis. Just make sure that you’re fully prepared for all eventualities and then relax and enjoy your break.

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  1. these are really helpful tips for those suffering from arthritis. we really need to protect our joints from further inflammation.

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  3. Interesting article, I will send this on to my sis who has a mild case of arthritis.

  4. Interesting article, I will send this on to my sis who has a mild case of arthritis.

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